In can’t have just one law that everyone will

Cicero’s Defense of Injustice, Philus
says that you can’t have just one law that everyone will obey. I disagree, a
government can run with one law for all its people, and that law would be the
Golden Rule law. The Golden Rule law is the basic rule of “Do to others what
you want them to do to you”. With the Golden Rule law people would have to
treat others as they would themselves, thus making sure everyone would treat
each other, hopefully, with respect and kindness. As the Golden Rule states, “Citizens
should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated, and what
you wish upon others, you wish upon yourself”. Along with the government having
just the Golden Rule law, it gives the citizens more freedom to do what they
want, as the government isn’t regulating business or any of your personal affairs.
Even without the government, people will still make a market and a self-sustaining
economy, as it has been done before without the help of government.

      In my opinion, I feel that state laws should
have more precedence over federal laws. Federal laws are made for the sole purpose
of being back up laws for states who haven’t made particular laws to address a certain
situation. An example of this would be the federal law on the sale of marijuana.
Federal law has deemed the sale of marijuana illegal, for some states who haven’t
yet made a law regarding the distribution and sale of marijuana the federal law
is the de-facto law for these states until they create a law themselves. Overall,
I feel that state laws should take precedence over federal laws, but states
should follow the federal laws to some extent.

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      A universal law that I feel would promote justice
in all governments is a law that only allows the government to protect citizens
and their property, and levies just enough taxes to finance services related to
these purposes, such as national defense or law enforcement. Otherwise, the government
should stay out of people’s businesses’ and affairs.