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In the business of candy, Mars are a dominant body in this market. Mars is an international multi-billion dollar company which their predominant factor of success lays within their marketing strategy. To continue to retain this generous share of the market, they have incorporated marketing strategies. These strategies include adapting to new markets and customer needs, adapting to new health regulations, advertising strategies to target a specific audience, competitive product pricing, uses different and innovative strategies when entering a new market as well as locating and acquiring smaller rival brands to increase its share in different countries. These strategies are imperative for Mars as they are the tools needed in order to remain a reputable and attractive brand to customers. The tools will allow the brand to dissect a market and evaluate the conditions within it to be able to create a product that will be desired by the consumers. Consumers’ eating habits, government legislations, weather and competitors change continuously; it is up to the marketing department to evaluate all of these factors in order to guide the company’s objectives accordingly. Mars uses the 4Ps marketing strategy (Promotion, Product, Place, and Price), this well known strategy covers every area marketing can reach. By applying this to their objectives; they can diversify and adapt superiorly to their competitors by executing specified advertising, great-for-value pricing, develop desire products and adapt these products to its countries consuming habits. Together this makes Mars a master of providing exactly what consumers need, or furthermore gives consumers a need for a product Mars has created.Mars are a parent company which have a wide range of different products; each company has its own particular product that targets its specific market. It simply must ensure they create a profit for the parent company. Each company owned under Mars are freely allowed to follow their own marketing strategy relieving themselves from compulsion of their parent company. Aside from this, they have popular products such as a Mars Bar. The marketing department ensure that this chocolate bar is sold and distributed in many different countries through supermarkets, vending machines, online and even corner shops. This system has an advantage to its competitors as it is easily available to any consumer. It has taken advertising to a whole new level, Mars have teamed up with Realeyes, a firm that specialises in artificial intelligence capable of analyzing the emotion of the viewer through facial recognition. This actually gives Mars the power to review how efficiently their ads will be; if they will draw consumers to buy their product and if their ads have had an impact on sales. It allows them to create a superior ad in which will attract consumers over from its competitors. To diverse its business model, Mars have implemented a mid-pricing strategy in all of their products, this is because its main target audience are from low to upper class with ages ranging from teenagers up to elderly. Mars have done this by considering factors such as advertising, margin costs, and distribution. This gives a wide spectrum of consumers the ability to purchase their product while Mars maintain a good profit margin, to ensure the quality of their product remains high to justify the costlier pricing than its competitors.Mars could use further innovative marketing to increase sales and further gain market share. I will suggest how two marketing strategies should be implemented.In current markets, consumers seek an indulgence that suffices their sweet cravings without compromising on their health. It is important for marketing to evolve by adapting to these consumer needs. I believe consumers would benefit from a “Mars Light” version. This would involve Mars to create the same Mars bar and compromise slightly on the texture by reducing saturated fats in order to deliver a product that tastes the same although has fewer calories than the current one that is already popular. As it would consist of less calories, consumers would also be tempted to allow themselves to this treat more often. Clearly would follow an increase in purchasing patterns from these consumers thus increasing sales. The economy in the Uk is doing well and  employment is at the lowest it has ever been from official statistics*. People are increasingly allowing themselves to treats. The price of this Mars Light should be the same as the current Mars bar. Although it will cost Mars to create a new recipe, deterring consumers with a price increase is not feasible. The return on this investment will come from increase of sales by tapping into a new consumer market. Weight-Watchers is a company that is very popular among the Uk and US, which seeks to provide tasty foods to people working towards loosing weight. Since 2015, their profits have soared proving that a healthy lifestyle is gaining momentum. Though they don’t have a lot of desert options, which I believe that a Mars-Bar-Light would be able to tap into this specific market share. There is currently no well-known chocolate Bar which provides a reduced caloric version, therefore Mars being as popular as it is will easily penetrate this market as it is an established brand its customers can trust. Mars has also long obtained connections with its suppliers, therefore it will fluidly be able to convince those suppliers to promote these products and sell them. By offering gyms a discount in order to enter this market at a lower cost to gain a market share, this will give Mars exposure to a relevant and returning customer base. In terms of marketing, Instagram is a popular way for healthy lifestyles to be promoted. Paying highly followed healthy-lifestyle-Instagramers a sum to promote Mars Light will give Mars exposure to relevant customers. Since Instagramers copy and paste new products, the audience will quickly follow into a word of mouth marketing – furthering exposure. Being reviewed in magazines related to health and fitness will also help. All adverts that are currently being advertised for the normal Mars bar should finish with a “also available in Light version” slogan. This will not add any cost as they will already be advertising the product anyway. Mars-Light should realistically target to cover %25 percent of all Mars Bar sales by the end of the year 2018. As it is the start of the year, it is a perfect time to start commencing on this project as it is universally a time where people seek to improve their lifestyles in terms of health.As previously mentioned, the economy in the Uk is doing well enough so that consumers can indulge themselves in what is a cheap luxury. Although that doesn’t include the many people that struggle financially. Consumers on a low income in the Uk are able to afford a Mars Bar, perhaps not often but often enough for there to be a market. As being on a low income, it is important for this low-income class to budget carefully. The luxury choice tends to depend on which bargain or cheaper candy is available. The lottery has always given hope to those financially unstable, and by fusing a chance to win a prize within each Mars bar, I believe this would have a substantial impact on directly increasing sales. Every Mars bar would have a code on the inside of its packaging, in order to prevent people using the code on the outside of the packaging without a purchase made. Customers would firstly have to go online on the Mars website and fill in a questionnaire. This questionnaire would ask customers what variety of flavour they would vote for, in a new Mars bar flavour. Options would vary from peanut butter to white chocolate, flavours that appeal to a mass general public. Finally they would be asked to enter the code they have found within the packaging in order to activate their chance to win their prize. A cash prize of £1000 given often would be more incentivising than a large cash prize that is extremely rare. Naturally, people prefer odds within their favour over winning an extremely unlikely prize. This would boost sales as customers would be incentivised to win, therefore purchase more Mars bars in order to receive more codes ultimately increasing their odds. Customers would also have a sense of security that even if they didn’t win, they would still have an indulgence. Most importantly, Mars will be able to conduct a marketing strategy within its own marketing strategy to decipher which flavour will be most popular within its consumers. Advertising should be kept at a minimal as there will already be money funding the project itself through rewards. A simple slogan on the Mars bar with a “£1000 prize” should draw enough attention from customers. The word of mouth will quickly get around, as naturally customers will want their family and friends to get on board to increase their chances of winning. A small but significant %5 increase in sales will be adequate, more than enough to cover the cost of the project itself. Asking Mars’ commercial customers to place the product on a more eye-level part of the shelf in stores will increase the chances of people noticing and making a purchase; which will increase sales for the retailer too. A limit on codes should be implemented so that it does not over-ride the increase in sales profits. Consumers can become very loyal over time and Mars have surely built a loyal customer base, Customers are also fond of new versions of what they already enjoy. By directly listening to their wishes mentioned previously through the vote on flavours, delivering them their wishes will ensure an increase in sales as they will certainly test a product they have asked for. Ultimately, it will reinforce their loyalty with the brand too, as their opinions will be recognised and made use of. A minimum increase of sales by %5 on top of the previewed increase of sales forecast for the year 2018 should suffice. Comparing sales month by month to sales last year will give a clearer comparison as increases could be due to weather conditions. It is important to factually learn whether marketing strategies have a direct effect on sales so that they can be used again, or avoided.actual product- Chocolate bar – a luxurious treat Core product –  design is eye-catching,the product is consistent, it tastes the same anywhere it is sold around the world, it tastes superior to other brands, the brand is reliable and ethical, it has a long preserved life, only mars can make this bar, affordable. Has nougat and caramel. The chocolate is silky smooth and mouth watering. augmented product – no affected statutory rights if returned, refund available, customer service. Real chocolate is used. can be delivered. Buy a pack for a substantially cheaper price. not made in a nut factory, guarantee no allergy. There are a range of market segmentation’s which define whether a product will be popular amongst a particular group of consumers. Applying this allows one to understand how purchasing choices are made by the consumer are affected by several factors. Mars will then able to define which groups of consumers are optimum to provide their product for.  How it will meet the needs of its selected segments and ways outperform its competitors. The primary objective of segmentation is how Mars will gain and retain its customers.


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