In attachment of Niska’s and Xavier’s stories, then, it

In the novel Three Day Road written by Joseph Boyden, there were two various points of views that were mentioned. Well, Xavier’s former life and his point of view, and there is also Niska’s former life and view of point. Additionally, both stories of Niska and her nephew told to offer the person who reads the chance to be able to make networks between the two viewpoints. In fact, without the formation and attachment of Niska’s and Xavier’s stories, then, it would extremely difficult for the individual who reads to make sense out of their movements and idea that the main characters characterized. Incidentally, in the early parts of the story, it was Niska’s story where the windigo was first mentioned. When Niska had fully grown, she took care of her young nephew, the sole significance of this was that Niska killed someone that turned into a windigo at a different Cree tribe and she called upon her father’s gifts that helped her in the troubled situation she faced. Afterwards, Xavier saw Niska had killed the windigo, similar to what she did when her father once killed one. From this point of view, the reader is given an idea that Xavier will one day become a windigo killer.Well, the effects that Joseph Boyden creates by interweaving Niska’s and Xavier’s narratives is that Xavier’s perspective is the genuine significance of the relation between their stories that occurs rather than Niska’s until now, everything that was mainly focused with windigos was narrated from her perspective. Also, when Xavier was out fighting the war in Europe with Elijah and the others, he starts to confront things that only a windigo would normally do. Elijah starts to perform actions that are not genuinely normal for an average human to perform. With the two of them stationed in Europe for a long time, witnessing the bloodbath that occurs everyday in No Man’s Land, the death of their friends, experiencing hardship such as poverty, sickness, and hypothermia could be the reasons why Elijah turned out to be a different person because he wanted to become the most renowned sniper in the army and his addiction to morphine drastically changed him. Moreover, he was scalping the heads of the enemies that he killed, he probably ate human flesh which would explain why he no longer kills for survival, but to satisfy himself when he is in a frenzied manner. Nevertheless, since they at war, the other soldiers, who’ve been blinded by Elijah’s real actions, see it as an act of valour and bravery, rather than staying away from sanity, as Xavier sees it.By the way, when Elijah commences to kill his fellow soldiers from his side. For example, when Lieutenant Breech knew of Elijah’s morphine addiction, he decides that he wants Xavier and Elijah to be executed for morphine abuse, and with Elijah’s rage, he lets Lieutenant Breech die from the shell that exploded near him. Since then, after the circumstances that transpired, Xavier realized that Elijah has turned windigo, and that is the justified reason why Xavier had to kill his best friend. Ergo, the reader would not have reached this conclusion if it were not for the different perspectives of Niska and Xavier, where the story is told from. From Xavier’s story, there is no description of what a windigo is, but there is an abundant acknowledgement of this in Niska’s story, and that is why Niska’s and her nephew’s viewpoint are an essential piece of the novel for the reader to be informed and to be able to understand the novel precisely.The role that stories play in the novel is to heal and to remember the roots of your ancestors and your former time. For example, in the novel on page thirty-five, Niska tells her nephew about the stories that her father told her family to attempt to heal Xavier by reminding him of his past and his family’s past, as I said before. With her telling the story to Xavier, she hoped that it would help her nephew to remember who he truly is and to forget what the war has made him become. By telling the stories of Xavier’s grandfather’s past to learn from and to avoid similar issues in the future, Xavier’s grandfather was capable to maintain his family alive with his story. Incidentally, Niska is now carrying on the stories told by her father, as well as her own in order to try and save Xavier and to pass it onto Xavier, the next generation of their ancestry. Niska, to start with, spends so much time telling Xavier stories of the past because she is reminding Xavier who he truly is and to forget what the war in Europe has made him become, and she reminds him of his ancestors after him. In addition,Niska’s entire childhood, she listens to her parents’ stories because they told many stories to her, which explains why Niska,just like her parents, now tells many stories to Xavier. Unfortunately, Niska has no idea about Xavier’s illness (his addiction to morphine). Her mother did not teach her a cure for the illness that has taken over her nephew and says that her mother did not teach her how to make a medicine for it. Afterwards, Niska faithfully believes that Xavier is getting better with her stories. She keeps him awake using her stories. Niska also tells stories to Xavier because it calms her. For instance, when Niska told her nephew another story, when he refuses to eat because she become frustrated with him. Also, when Xavier is sober, he takes pleasure in Niska’s stories enough to understand them. The people who had read the novel Three Day Road knows that Niska is the Windigo killer because she was one of the Cree aboriginals that was not easily influenced by the newcomer’s way of life where her sister and the other Cree aboriginals easily succumbed. In comparison, Niska did not yield in an easy manner. She was not astrayed from herself and from her culture.In the myth of the Windigo in Cree culture, the Windigo has many variations of spelling it such as, “Wendigo”, “Windego”, and the plural form being “Wendigoag”. The windigo is a creature that can be found in the the Algonquin folklore.One of the meaning of “Wendigo” is “the evil spirit that devours mankind” and the other simply means “cannibal”.Wendigos have insatiable hunger, specifically, for human flesh.No matter how much flesh they eat, they remain hungry.Their hunger reflects their physical appearance, according to some, of being thin. Also, Wendigoag are described to be 15 feet in spite of their extremely thin and bony body. Moreover, Wendigoag have glowing eyes, long yellowed fangs, and long tongue. Mythically speaking most Wendigoag have yellowish, although others say that they are covered with hair or decaying skin.Not to mention, the social implications are that the Residential Schools banned the Aboriginals to speak their own language, the observance of their traditions, teachings, practices, and customs. Consequently, the effects of Residential Schools, in the future, involves high degree of addiction, illness, violence, abuse, and death.Sadly, at a time, the children in the school did not see their family members for months and even years. During that time, the experiences that the previous generations experienced are being passed down onto the next generation. The victims of the social implications of Residential Schools have gradually and absolutely adapted the only language, traditions, teachings, practices, and customs they have obtained from the Residential Schools that they were in in their whole life. What we can do to improve this circumstance is by letting the children and older students of the school to participate in an event primarily about their ancestors language, to allow them to observe on their traditions, teachings, practices, and customs, so that their culture will not disappear with their ancestors. And with that, they could pass it on to their children and their children’s children and on.