In and time of new beginning of real tangible

In the 1920s was a time
of great change and time of new beginning of real tangible freedom of
self-expression. it was a period time called the roaring twenties. The world
had just finished the first world war the biggest war in history. Young people were very angry after World War
one they felt that the older generation had just murdered millions of young
men. So they stopped obeying the rules and invented their own liberated culture
they started driving their own cars and drinking. As the focus shifted from the war to social
life, fashion became a high priority of the majority of woman during the time. after the
first world war one women obtained the
right to vote and with this new feeling of power was an introduction of
new styles new designers. During the 1920’s, the way women dressed completely
changed. Before this time period, women wore long skirts and hardly showed any
skin. Also, their hair was long and they did not wear any makeup. The new women
of the 1920’s women became a bit more daring with fashion they started
wear lighter and
brighter clothes More skin was shown they
started to loosen up with the corsets and the skirts became shorter
and waistlines became looser Since the hemlines of the skirts and the
dresses become shorter and hid her curves and
showed her arms. shoes and stockings became visible making
them a major part of the outfit. Women smoothed their hair into a short boyish
crop then wear hat This was the start of the flapper dress and in the middle of the
1920’s  the flapper dress evolved and
became the epitome of fashion for the women that mattered. In 1920’s Fashion played the biggest role in fashion today’s.
Including the clothing we wear today, the materials, and also the styles of
clothing we wear today. Many of the cloths, shoe styles, and accessories we
wear today came from fashion in the 1920’s. most of the celebrities today still
wear some things that was wore in the 1920’s.

often wars are followed by changes and the World War I is no exception
the War 1 is the reason of the rise of a feminine revolution of the flapper. Flappers became popular in the 1920 and they set the
trends for that decade. Fashion in the 1920 was
influenced by other cultures clothing and accessories such as Egypt, Japan, and
India. flappers were
women who dressed in short skirts with shapeless dress and flat as board chests had short sleek
hair they also wore make up and would often apply their makeup in public. women
started to smoke in the twenties They smoked with a long cigarette holder in restaurants in speakeasies
and in the country clubs. For the younger generation smoking was another
example of freedom and women’s right to enjoy the same pleasures as men.  they got a prod from the mass media and the
Magazines. most of the popular accessories that the
flapper wore included hats, headbands, evening bags, gloves, furs, pearls,
cigarette holders, velvet and fringe, scarves, 
and makeup.

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