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In health and social care there are 6 types of challenges
faced by health and social care services:

1. Awareness and knowledge challenges: This
means that people don’t always know whether they are aware of what possibly is
wrong with them and if they have had the right up to date information so that
they know what form of treatment or accessibility that they are entitled to. A
strategy that is used to overcome this challenge is Educational information
materials. This is a range of advertisement on multiple different awareness’s,
treatments and possible health risks which could be common and for people to
look at symptoms to decide whether they need a check-up or even to help them
with a cause that they already have, and they may just need extra information.

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2. Practical challenges: This means all the physical
challenges that individual my face, for example someone may not have the access
to get up into a building because they might not be any wheel chair access or
something like that. Also, they may not be able to access the right services,
so this is a practical challenge because there is something in the way of them
being able to access something. A strategy that is used to overcome this
challenge is opinion leaders because they will be able to provide the suitable
funding to help provide for the right services so that the funding can provide
for the people who need to access them.

3. Skills challenges: This challenge is something where
individuals lack the ability to do smaller specific things. An example of this
would be the individuals not being able to type something into a search engine
for them to try and get help with the cause that they may have. Another example
which is similar is being able to send a message to someone via text message so
if anything has happened then they wouldn’t be able to get hold of anyone to
get help and the correct care. A strategy that could be used to overcome this
challenge would be the training courses that people can attend. These courses
were put into place so that it can help people with care and support needs to
help overcome the challenges that they face, so it does link strongly with the
skills challenge. Organisations such as local councils and multiple hospitals
run these courses, and there is also course available online if they can access

4. Acceptance and belief challenges: This
challenge is about someone needing to accept what type of illness or problem
they have. An example is that someone might not be able to accept the fact that
they have a disease like cancer and this is a form of challenge because they
need to know the ins and outs of what is going to happen and if there is
anything they could do to prevent it. The belief side is that if the person is
religious then they tend to take on the side of what their religious leader may
think and how they would try to overcome this challenge that they may face. A
strategy that can be used to help overcome this challenge is opinion leader
this helps to put into perspective of other people’s opinions and helps people
to look at other results of what others may have chosen to do. For example, it
can be if that person with the issue is struggling to come to term with what’s going
on then, if they ask for help then they could get advice on how to cope and,
they can look at the results with what other people may have experiences and
they would just get that extra help and then they might get a better
understanding of what’s going on.

5. Motivational challenges: This means trying
to reach the and have the motivation to turn up to scheduled appointments and
to attend specific classes that they may attend to help them with their illness
or to just go to an exercise class. However, there may be a challenge for
the practitioner as well as the patient/client because they may struggle to
have the motivation to try and give good advice to help the person in need and
may not have the motivation to book more appointments with the patients because
of pressure to make sure they are happy with the treatment that they are
receiving. A strategy that can be used to help overcome this challenge is
Educational Information materials this could work because there is motivation
in the leaflets that could help people to stop drinking or smoking and
sometimes there are other people’s quotes or opinions that can motivate people
to get help. This strategy is good and has a great impact because if people
have already given them information, but it is still good because people can
get extra information.

6. Communication challenges: This
challenge is very important because it allows the practitioner and the patient
to speak to each other to come up with ways to resolve certain situations and
to create things like a care plan. Also, this can create a relationship between
the practitioner and the patient because it allows the patient to trust the
practitioner. Although it is good to be able to communicate with the
practitioner for example, but for some people they are unable to communicate
with the practitioner because they may have a speech impediment like a stammer
or they may have specific learning difficulties which may get in the way of
getting the correct information to the practitioner, so they can get help. A
strategy that can help overcome this challenge is Training courses because
these are good to help get training for different ways to communicate and using
the correct terms to get people’s opinions across. This is also a good strategy
because it allows people to take their time to also gain new skills.



Nusrat the condition of epilepsy and she also has learning
disabilities because there are challenges that she may face because she may be
unable to do some things on her own without assistance. One challenge that Nusrat
may face is the communication challenge. This challenge is a hard challenge
that Nusrat faces because she has learning disabilities which may get in the
way of her communicating her own opinion, for example having a say in her own
care plan and being able to tell her GP if something is wrong and she may need
extra help with it. It could also be little minor things because she might not
be able to be as independent as she might want to be. This could cause Nusrat
to get stressed and annoyed because she can’t be as independent as she may want
to be also Nusrat is still apart of adolescence as she is 19 and she is a young
adult, so her hormones could still be increasing so the frustration of her not
being able to communicate what she wants to say, could be an issue. A strategy
that could be used to help reduce this challenge and to overcome this challenge
is training courses. This could be a class that Nusrat can attend to help her
figure out a possible different way of communicating with people, this could be
by writing it down or if there is someone comfortable that she can talk to like
her mother then if she is able to speak to her then her mother can pass on the
information. This is good because Nusrat can get help with what she wants doing
within her care plan and even when she receives the specific care. Nusrat
should be allowed to have her say because the age that she is at she is now
seen as an adult and is able to make her own decisions but it may be just with
a little bit of guidance to help her. Also, the practitioners that Nusrat work
with can also attend the classes because it allows them to learn how to
communicate with Nusrat in a better way so that they can understand her and so
that she can understand the practitioners when they are talking to her. It’s
good for them to go to the classes as they will also gain new skills and
possibly meet new people to use their new techniques of communicating to them,
but now she can speak them because they will be able to understand her as well.

Another challenge that Nusrat may face is the acceptance and
belief challenge. This may affect Nusrat because it must be hard for her to
come to term with some of the care that she has to receive. For example when
she goes to the bathroom she has a volunteer that is discreetly stood facing
away, and they are to help Nusrat with her epilepsy in case anything happens
like an epileptic fit or if she is just struggling or not feeling the best.
This must one of the hardest thing for Nusrat to come to terms with because she
doesn’t get any privacy and it’s one thing where most people would just want to
be alone. I think this is the hardest challenge for Nusrat because she won’t be
able to have time to herself and to just have a break from people mithering her
to see if she is alright. A strategy that could be used to help overcome this
challenge for Nusrat is opinion leaders because this can help Nusrat to see
other people’s views of how they go about accepting the fact that something’s
are put into place because they need to be able to support her and to make sure
that everything’s there to help her. A seen that it is hard for Nusrat to
accept the fact that all of the care that she is receiving has been put into
place for her own safety however this strategy helps to ease this challenge and
reduce it by getting somebodies experiences opinion so that she can find ways
to come around it and to find coping methods that other people in the same
situation might have used.



Alice will face much challenge when coping with all the
things that have happened and still happening. Alice is suffering from the loss
of her husband and is an alcoholic, but with all of these things there are many
challenges that she will face along the way. One challenge that Alice may face
is Awareness and knowledge challenge. This is a hard thing that Alice may face
because she really need to come to terms with how much alcohol that she is
consuming and to help try and find a way to overcome the amount. This is a
strong thing that Alice needs to be aware of because she is risking her life if
she carries on drinking and she could follow her husband by dying with cancer
or the liver. Also, she needs to be aware that there are people that she can
see for bereavement and other things like that. This must be hard because all
Alice may want to do is drink her worries away and she needs to know that she
will be alright and if she is struggling there are things that she can attend.
A strategy that could help Alice overcome this challenge is Educational
information materials because then she can get information on how much alcohol
someone should have in a day and like the limits. Also it states all the
warnings that the substance may cause to her body. Alice can also be told
information and on top of that receive extra information via leaflets and other
things like posters because they can help encourage someone to stop drinking
for example. This is a very good strategy for Alice because she can get extra
help to be aware and it could possibly change her mind on the choices that she
has made with the alcohol.

Another challenge that Alice may face is Motivational
challenge, this challenge would be a struggle for Alice because she is most
likely finding hard to have the motivation to improve and to try and stop
drinking as much alcohol. It must be really hard because when you are addicted
to something it is hard to let go and for Alice the alcohol is there more a
comfort because she is grieving and the alcohol is there more as a comfort blanket
because she is trying to drown her worries to there isn’t really any motivation
to think that the alcohol isn’t helping her because she hasn’t quite realised
that the amount that she is drinking could cause damage and could put her at
risk with her health and she could also have liver failure because she has
killed it. A strategy that could be used to help overcome this challenge is
Training courses because these can be put into place so that she can try and
get of the alcohol and so that she can start to eat a lot healthier. This can
also help her motivate herself and to try and give her a realisation that all
of this alcohol isn’t doing her any good and that she needs to have a lot of
nutrients to help to get better. A place where Alice can go to help her focus
and try and get off the alcohol, which is a rehabilitation centre so that
everyone that will be there will have the same things that Alice is lacking
like the motivation to get off alcohol and to see that they can pull through
and stop drinking. Also there will be specific routines that they can do so
this will be good for Alice because then she is doing things with her time and
that she might not be thinking of her husband’s death because he will be
constantly doing things and meeting new people. She doesn’t even need to go to
rehab really because all she needs to do is realise that the alcohol is not
helping her and she just needs to see evidence of people improving and getting
better after these training courses. So therefore it will supress the stress
from this challenge.



Martin will also face multiple challenges because he is
suffering from a chronic skin condition and is also in quite a bit of debt as
he has been made redundant and he needs to pay his rent. One challenge that
Martin will face is Practical challenge because with his skin condition it has
put him in a lot of pain and it is making him stressed because he is struggling
in the carpentry class because he isn’t as physically stable as other people
and he will struggle because it is getting worse. For this type of class course
that he is taking he needs to be physically stable and this is one main thing
that he is in pain with. A strategy that could be used to try and overcome this
challenge is Educational information materials. This will help Martin in a way
to supress the physical challenge that he is getting from his chronic skin
condition. Martin can get extra information to help him with dealing with the
pain of the skin condition and he can find different ways to try and stop the
pain to a degree that is probably manageable. This may not stop the pain just
by reading things but putting an action to what he could read for example if it
says visit your GP to try and get a specific treatment like a certain cream to ease
the pain. This will help him in his practical doings because for example with
the carpentry class it can then help him to carry on with feeling better and
then he will be up to date with everyone else that attends the class.

Another challenge that Martin will face is skills challenge
because he hasn’t managed his money very well because in case of these
situations some people put say £10 a week in a saving account so then in the
long term they will have extra money that they can use to pay for emergencies
and treatment. So therefore Martin is lacking skills because he hasn’t used his
money in an efficient way so this is the reason he’s ended up in this
situation. This is a hard challenge for him to get out of or to try and resolve
without some help because he still doesn’t have the skill to try and use his
money well and this is why he’s ended in this predicament. A strategy that
could be used to help Martin overcome this challenge is Training courses.
Training courses can really help Martin because he needs to figure out
different ways in which he can spend his money wisely. Because he can pay his
rent while he saves extra money because therefore then if the situation was to
happen again he would still have money there to help support him. There are various
training courses and other people it the same problem will be there to so
Martin won’t be on his own. Therefore this strategy really links well with the
skills challenge as it supresses all of the challenge because they are learning
different ways to try and stop it from happening.



Policy Framework is a type of structure that is organised
into multiple set of principles and different long-term goals into a logically
documented set of rules to benefit someone. There are multiple frameworks that
are used within health and social care and they try to improve the services.

The NHS patient experience framework is a wide range of
strategies that try to reduce and diminish challenges that could happen to
patients and the service users. 1This framework outlines the
elements which are critical to the patients’ experience of NHS services. There
are eight critical elements that the patients experience of the NHS. Which are:

1Respect for patient-centred values,
preferences, and expressed needs.

1Coordination and integration of

1Information, communication and

1Physical comfort

1Emotional support

1Welcoming the involvement of family
and friends of which the patients and service users rely on.

1Transition and continuity about
information that will help patients.

1Access to care.

The Health Action Plan is a plan to
make sure that people are healthy, and this can work for young people and
adults. This is mainly used to create a plan for people who have learning
disabilities or