In all know beauty but do we understand it?

In Midsummers Night Dream, the whole seems to frustrate with appearance and reality at one point. The gift of love and the influence of magic is used to create a confusion. Love, no matter magic is propagated or real, often deprives people of their common sense, making it hard for them to differentiate between appearance and reality. This shows that they misunderstood what is real with what is not real. Indeed, this phenomenon still exists in nowadays 21st century.

Beauty can be seen in many different forms such as personal appearance, personality.  In the past, Ancient Greeks admired beauty as a sum of parts formed into a coherent whole with symmetry, harmony, and proportion as the key elements.  However, is Beauty really more important than your own self? Can beauty conquer your own soul? I can tell that most of the human beings living on world fall against with those questions because beauty is not about the looks, the dress, or things in your body, like jewelries.

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Beauty means something different to different kinds of people. The meaning of beauty is influenced by our environmental surrounding, society, media, peers, culture and experiences. When people think about beauty we think about the physical visual appearance. I find that the media and society teaches beauty using visual examples. We all know beauty but do we understand it?

Indeed, we all don’t understand the underlying meaning of  “Beauty”.  Beauty is anything, it could be happiness or something simple. It can be diverse when times goes on or changes in cultures. It is the true self that always stays with you, it could shine through your body and even spread to the others.  Although beauty is often exaggerated, confused and umbrageous by a vast amount of conflicting pressures, our deepest soul will never fade. We have to accept our destiny, no one is perfect, the perfect ones are all artificially “packaged”.

In nowadays, there is a trend of undergoing cosmetic surgery while everyone admires a sense of perfection. Having a glamorous skin, defined nose and an angular jawline, is almost of every women’s dream. In fact, no matter how you add different kinds of chemicals or “preservatives” into your “shell”, the only thing that could not be erased or amend is your personality and your in born behaviour. Everyone’s true heart cannot hide behind their flawless skin or an elegant gown.