Impact and technologies.• Infographic: A image displaying a graph,

Impact of Computing: Terms • Cloud computing: Using remote servers through the internet for storage, with on demand access to applications.• Private Cloud: Cloud storage used exclusively by a one organization, and does not used a shared infrastructure.  • Public Cloud: Cloud storage used by multiple people and organization, utilizing a shared infrastructure.• Hybrid Cloud: Integrates private clouds, and one or more clouds managed by the cloud provider(public cloud).• Scalability: Long-term change, or growing over time. • Elasticity: Short term on demand change. • Digital Divide: Gap between different areas with internet and other technologies, when some areas are advancing at a rapid rate, and other areas have limited access to the internet and technologies.• Infographic: A image displaying a graph, chart, or something do display information.  Made to display information in an easy to understand way, and simplifies the information.• Open Source Software: Software that allows people to manipulate the code to make changes and make the application better or more applicable to they need the application to do. • Captcha/reCaptcha: (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) Used to prevent automated use of website, and to prove you are human. reCaptcha  is used for digitization of old books, portion of which computers are unable to read.• Crowdsourcing: Acquiring needed work, new ideas, and others from a lot of people, a lot of the times through the internet. • Crowdfunding: Uses the internet to bring together many individuals who commit money to projects and companies they want to support.• UAV/Drone: (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) also known as drone, a vehicle that is able to fly that is controlled remotely.• Smart Home Technology: Appliances used in the home controlled remotely through the internet and the phone.• E-Business/E-Commerce: Paying/transmitting money through the internet for an item or service.Impact of Computing: Study Guide Questions 1. Briefly research on the Internet “Google Home” or “Amazon Echo” (two smart home technologies). List five smart home apps included in one of these smart home technologies and briefly describe how each works or what it accomplishes. 2. Give three examples verifying the statement from the article Drones go to work. “Already drones can accomplish in hours tasks that take people days.” “Extreme Photography”People uses drones to takes photographs that were inconceivable before drones were used, like David Lama and his climbing partner Peter climbing a mountain and taking amazing photos.”Pest Control” People uses drones to takes photographs that were inconceivable before drones were used, like David Lama and his climbing partner Peter climbing a mountain and taking amazing photos.”Pest Control”The uses of drones in sports has produced great pictures and videos that would not be possible, like in surf competitions getting close to dangerous waves which was not possible before.3. Name at least two cloud computing applications that you regularly use. Google docsSamsung pay4. Briefly explain how reCaptcha helps translate old books? (video)The use of distorted words to confuse bots to prevent bots access to the webpage.  These distorted words can understood by humans and typed out by them, but not bots. 5. List one advantages and one disadvantages of crowdfunding. Benefit: Funders receive rewards for committing money to the project, and the rewards are tired so the more money committed the better reward the user receives.Disadvantage: The company or person can not follow through with the what they promised, either not producing the product or not giving the funders what they promised. 6. What is meant by Open Source Software and how is it different from (or related to) crowdsourcing and/or co-creating? Open source software is when the company provides the source code to users to let them manipulate the software to do what they want/need.  Crowdsourcing involves multiple people collaborating to help a complete a task for a company.7. How does the following quote relate to the digital divide and to cloud computing? “This isn’t about faster Internet or fewer dropped calls. It’s about connecting every part of America to the digital age. It’s about a rural community in Iowa or Alabama where farmers and small business owners will be able to sell their products all over the world. It’s about a firefighter who can download the design of a burning building onto a handheld device; a student who can take classes with a digital textbook; or a patient who can have face-to-face video chats with her doctor.” – President Obama, State of the Union Address, 2012. This quote explains how instead of pushing for better a better technology we need to focus on everyone having the same opportunities with technology and through the internet.  Also having the technology advance in fields that helps save lives and is useful instead of focusing on advancing less useful technology.  This relates to the digital divide because farmers in Iowa don’t have the same opportunities as someone else with access to better internet and technology, and how firefighter and doctors don’t. have as many people focusing on advancing technology to help them save lives8. Summarize one example of Crowdsourcing that you are familiar with and why/how it is considered to be crowdsourcing. Waze is an example of Crowdsourcing because people submit problem on the roads to warn people and allow the software to provide a route avoiding some problems for a faster route.  Also warn people of possible dangers on their route because of the submissions provided by users.9. In the article 30 Incredible Ways Technology Will Change Education by 2028, the author suggests that we may be leading towards learning simulations replacing teachers, diverse learning forms replacing schools, and cloud-based education becoming the normal mode, not the exception. List one benefit and one harmful effects that these moves may have our society or on the individual student. Benefit- These advances allow for a uniform learning, so everyone can learn the same curriculum without personal bias from a human teacher.  Also students won’t have to experience having bad teacher who does not teach the subject well.Harmful Effect- These advances will take jobs from thousands of people.10. From the various readings and videos about cloud computing and its effects on society in general, describe, in your own words, how cloud computing enhances human communication, interaction, and cognition? Address at least one of these three areas in your response. Cloud computing allows great interaction between people, with google docs, and other similar applications, allows collaboration on a project from two different computers.  This allows the project to be completed efficiently and allow collaboration that would be much harder to accomplish before.11. What is meant by the “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”, how does it work, and why was it invented? No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA has the saem purpose of normal  reCAPTCHA, but the same is accomplished through just a click of button to confirm your not a bot.  Google looks at the movement of the mouse to recognize if the movement perfect like a bot or imperfect like a person.12. Where did CAPTCHA begin? Why are there TWO words included in today’s reCAPTCHAs and how does this help with the digitizing of books?CAPTCHA was created in 1997 and had the user type out a distorted word.  reCaptcha helps digitizing books using two phrases one that is know and one that is unown from an old book that they can’t come to a conclusion of what the word is, and they use the results to determine what the word is.  They determine that by choosing the most submitted word.CS 110 Syllabus Questions1. What are the dates and times of the three exams in this course? Exam 1: Tuesday, February 20th, 9:40pm – 11:00pmExam 2: Tuesday, April 3rd, 9:40pm – 11:00pmExam 3: Monday, May 7th, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm2. What is the result of submitting an assignment to Sakai that cannot be opened? 3. What programming language is taught in this course? Scratch4. How many points are earned through assignments? 10 points5. What is the minimum number of points that needs to be earned to receive a B in this course? 400-434 points6. What is the maximum number of points that can be earned in this course (excluding extra credit)? 500 points7. What is the maximum number of extra credit points can be earned in this course?20 points 8. Discrepancies regarding Exam 1 or Exam 2 must be reported to your instructor within how long after the administration of the exam? 2 weeks9. How many quizzes are given during the semester? Four quizzes10. Are you permitted to submit an assignment through email? No11. To question any grade given on an assignment, you must do so within what time period of the assignment due date? 2 weeks12. When is the last day of class this semester? April 30thInformation from TA email (include the name of your TA)1. When someone sends you an email, the date and time it was sent is metadata in the email header. When did your TA sent the email with the attached pdf information sheet? 2. What section are you in?133. What is your course instructor’s name? Alan Belowich4. What is your TA’s name? Akshay Bhatia5. What sections does your TA teach?2, 4, 246. When are your TA’s office hours?Thursday 12:00 – 1:00 PM (Hill-378, Busch Campus) 7. When is the first quiz this semester?January 30 – February 1