Immigration their economic gains cannot be directly taxed and

Immigration policy is highly important as it deals with the transfer of humans across borders, specifically those people who intend to settle down and earn a livelihood within the country. The United States is a highly desired destination among immigrants because, firstly, the government protects citizens’ rights, and secondly, the country is economically prosperous so it provides many job opportunities. Many countries with restrictive governments and low employment opportunities don’t enjoy these benefits, causing people to migrate.These factors also make the United States the location for many illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants who lack the resources to seek legal citizenship. In some circumstances, the economic activities of illegal immigrants drain the nation’s economy since their economic gains cannot be directly taxed and they sometimes invest money in their home countries; the low wages undocumented workers are willing to accept also drive down wages for legal immigrants and citizens. Therefore, it is important to have an immigration policy and immigration reform policy in place that limits the amount of illegal citizens entering the country and provides incentives and avenues by which illegal immigrants can reach legal status. Legal immigration can have a variety of economic and cultural benefits. For example, Doug Bandow of Forbes states that “many immigrants are natural entrepreneurs, establishing companies, creating jobs, and driving innovation.” In this manner, immigrants contribute to the economic development of the United States. Bandow also states that immigrants help make up specialized labor, which again benefits the American economy.Similarly, legal working immigrants also contribute tax money to the US government, which the government uses to provide better services to the American people. Increased immigration also helps enrich the cultural diversity of the United States. Therefore, while illegal immigrations should be restricted, it is beneficial to welcome legal immigrants into the country.