I’m get its point across. The similarities between the

I’m already finished the movie and book about the outsiders, there are a lot of similarities anddifferences in the book and the movie, the book has some more details than the movie, the movie is notthe more detailed but it does get its point across. The similarities between the book and the movie, inthe movie there are also have the complete Greaser gang, and some of the conflict between the Soc andGreaser. And they still have some of the more sad part like when did the Johnny and Dally die. Thedifferences between the movie and the book, such as the beginning and the end of this story, some of thepart are lost in the movie such as the movie doesn’t mentioned the Ponyboy study, the biggest differencebetween movie and book is in the book was only written the Ponyboy’s view but in the movie waswritten all the people’s view.In the book or in the movie I really like Ponyboy’s brother Darrel Curtis ( Darry), he is a big bad teen ,he has the blue eyes, unlike the others he doesn’t like put grease in his white-blond hair. Maybe in themovie I like him because that actor was so handsome, but in the book Darry in order to live with hisbrothers, he has quit school and works two jobs to hold the family together.The good about the movie is the most important few things are presented, the bad things are it omitteda lot of character description and ponyboy’s psychological description, in the movie it doesn’t haveenough time to develop all of the characters. In the book all of the characters are description, but in themovie it only introduction the very very important characters such as Ponyboy, Darry.This book is talk about a teen gang called Greaser are enemy with the socials and the Socs. The maincharacters in the movie has Ponyboy, sodapop, Darry, Johnny, Dally, Cherry, Two-bit. I will recommendthis movie to my friends because in this book, although their actions and practices are not suitable for usto learn, they have a solidarity and mutual assistance. I think book is better than the movie because inthe movie it miss a lot of part and drama, but in the book you can see the all of the part and all thecharacters but you just need to image the screen.