Ign:ClockWyseAge:16IRL who are breaking rules. I would welcome newcomers

Ign:ClockWyseAge:16IRL Name: My real name is JacksonDiscord (If Required): ClockWyse or Clock#7192Rank Applying For: Any rankWhy you should be staff:I should be staff to be able to help the community. The reason I want to be a staff member because I know I have what it takes to be a committed, Constance, devoted and dedicated staff member. I would help out players and staff if needed. I am a supportive person who loves to help out communities. I believe that I am mature for my age, I am very welly organized and I know I am not the most mature person in the world, but I am good for my age. I am really respectful to other staff and players. My position for Mod, if i can get it is to moderate the chat and help people who are new and guide the process of the server. I don’t want to become a builder because I am horrible at building. My rating for building is 4/10. If i see a player arguing with a staff, I’ll break up the argument. I have pretty good spelling and grammar. I’ll punish rulebreakers who break the rules.I will keep an eye out for people who are breaking rules. I would welcome newcomers or new players that come onto the server. I will help out other players by seeing if they have any problems. I have no experience being a staff member on any public servers. I also despise hacking, it disgusts me, not only does hacking ruin the game for the hacker, but also everyone around them I will report any suspicion that I have against a player if I think that they are hacking. I don’t cheat or antagonize players. I also will catch hackers and ban them for breaking the rules of hacking. If I cannot ban them, I will report them to a higher staff that is on or talk to he or she on discord. I will be active on the server mostly and not on the forums, If you have a forums or not. I’ve also had many past experiences as a staff member. If I ever see a staff member abusing their powers, I will probably tempban,ban and tell the Owner of the server. It goes without saying, due to my beliefs of fairness, I have no tolerance for cheating and animalistic / disrespectful behaviour. In the event that I should come across a ‘troublemaker’ who persistantly seems to be causing the server grief, depending on the severity of the actions I shall take action by Warning, followed by either a Kick or Mute. I have never hacked, TP killed, scammed, betrayed factions or have done any other way of Cheating. I like to play 100% legit, no hacked clients, just true minecraft, played how it should be. I’m also the type of person that will admit to mistakes and take responsibility for my wrong doings, and ensure that I learn from them so that I don’t make the same mistake in the future, I will keep my self up to date with the slack and the forums to make sure I know of any changes in the system. Skills:My skills are worldediting, I don’t really focus on listening to my skills mostlyDo You Have A Mic Y/N:I do have a mic, in discordExtra Notes:I play on Minecraft everyday when I get home from school, I go straight to Minecraft when I get home. After, I have got into Minecraft, I will go onto the server and go and see how the server is doing. I have been staff on a few servers but they eventually closed down due to money issues. I have been accepted on alot of servers. I have been helper,moderator, admin, sometimes co-owner on other servers. I never have been declined on any servers but i have been demoted on other types of servers such as factions and prison because i am inactive. I usually get demoted because i am on other servers.