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“If you’re going to do something, do it well and leave a sign and let the world know that you were there”. These are Charles Manson’s exact words in an interview held by the abc news station. These words are very powerful and have a lot of meaning. Not just any individual would state something like this on an interview. Charles Manson grew up in a very broken family as “a street child”, his tough childhood ultimately lead him to fend for himself, and through that he learned to understand people and sense vulnerability in others. Manson was only a year and a half old when his mother, along with his uncle were sent to prison. As an infant, having your mother taken away from you is one of the most dramatically difficult situations to have to endure at that age. It’s proven by scientific research that when a child is born, the baby’s developing brain duplicates in the first three years of its life. In an article that was written by Bel Mooney, it states that “Every tickle, every warm chuckle, every waggle of a toy is a mini-explosion of brain-power, joy and love that impacts on what happens in later years.” For Manson, that wasn’t the case. Having to experience an upbringing without a mother was subconsciously the first step of him becoming a sociopath. I can’t put myself in his shoes but I can only imagine the psychological effect and impact that this had on his life. Not having a mother to take care of you and to love you is one of the saddest experience a child has to endure, I can’t describe the pain he must have went through. By the time Charles Manson was thirteen years of age, he was already involved in several thefts and robberies. Especially because this was at the very beginning of his adolescent years, its important to realize that this act was caused by his childhood as well as his loneliness and need for attention. Manson stated, “I’ve been to jail all my life”, in the interview held by abc news station, when they went to visit Manson at the prison. He did many terrible acts in his adolescent years and beyond those years as well. Charles Manson took after his mother and uncle, and spent many years of his life in prison before he was the leader of the Manson family.