If witnessing an economy that is progressively based on

If we think about the different diseases, we are exceptionally lucky if we do not develop one of them.  Deadly diseases threaten millions of peoples’ lives,  but the real question is do we really want to cure them? Many diseases such as cancer, provide a big profit earning for the Healthcare and Pharma Industries. When it comes right down to it, these industries do not really want to find disease cures because they will lose money and jobs will be eliminated. The concept of preserving public safety and efficacy has been replaced by the profit motivation of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries. It is frightening to think of the number of people whose health is not in these industries best interests. Some may even find it intriguing that they are working hard to prevent anyone from successfully introducing alternative cancer treatments into the medical care system. Cancer doctors obtain tremendous revenues on chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation treatments.  It is in their financial interests that you have recurring cancer. In our advanced world, nobody should have to suffer from diseases due for profit motivation. The economy is built on products and services that either cause diseases or “treat” those diseases.  We are witnessing an economy that is progressively based on goods and services that do not benefit the quality of consumers’ lives but more or less depreciate it. Manufactures and the “food” producers profit when we purchase their poisoned goods. Then, the Medical System and Pharmaceutical companies profit when we become ill. As a country, we can no longer generate abundance in America or in any country by selling each other overpriced products and services that support disease. However, returning to health would bankrupt the economy, and we could not sustain an economy based on health and abundance. America does not want to return to health and abundance because it would result in an economic depression.