If enjoy his life in the real sense only

     If wealth is lost, something is lost but if health is lost, everything is lost. This is undoubtedly a true saying. Everyone is striving hard to stay fit in this era. One can enjoy his life in the real sense only if he is physically and mentally fit. Mental fitness also somewhere depends on our physical fitness.      Now how to stay fit is again a big challenge in itself. For that, one has to be aware of all the alternative medicinal methods also. One should not stay dependent on any single medical treatment method. Alternative medicine is any other health treatment to cure diseases. Let us discuss few alternative medicine methods today.1 AcupressureAcupressure and Acupuncture are more or less similar methods. The basic difference is, in Acupuncture needle is been used and in Acupressure points are been pressed with our fingers only. According to the theory behind Acupressure, meridians are channels that carry life energy which is ‘qi’ or ‘chi’ throughout the body.When these meridians are blocked, illness occurs and Acupressure therapy helps in relieving blockages and energy starts flowing freely in our body again.2 AcupunctureAcupuncture is nothing but penetrating the skin with thin needles which is been monitored by a practitioner or electrical stimulation. It is helpful for chronic pain and depression.3 Reiki’Life Force Energy’ flows through everyone’s body. If this energy force goes low you become sick is what reiki says. In this, the practitioner transfers life energy to the client through his palms. The client may or may not be sitting in front of him. Long distance reiki is also possible. The purpose of Reiki is to gain relaxation, speed healing, reduce pain and ultimately make the client fit and in best of his health.4 NaturopathyThis is all about nature as its name indicates. Nature has strong ability to heal everything. In naturopathy treatment, intake of sugar and salt is strictly prohibited. Instead of sugar, they suggest having jaggery in our daily diet. In a single day, one should consume only 3 grams of salt according to the Naturopathy. Their main motto is ‘medicine-free life’. They suggest eating a lot of leafy vegetables and fruits. All the natural resources are good for our health.The things which are processed are not good for our body. For example bread, pizza base etc. Fruits and vegetables grown on trees should be consumed in quantity.5 HomoeopathyHomoeopathy is like vaccines only. Small round white balls are given as medicine. They give booster doses also in the form of powder. Generally, Homoeopathy treatment takes a bit longer to cure than that of Allopathy but Homoeopathy is definitely for long-term effects. You can cure your problem of the root.6 AyurvedaAyurvedic medicine is originated in India for thousands of years. It has no side effects at all. Experts use different techniques like herbs, massage, specialized diets which altogether balances our body, mind, and spirit which helps in overall well being of one’s body.7 AromatherapyAromatherapy uses essential oils which are been extracted from the roots, leaves, seeds or blossoms of plants. These oils can be inhaled, massaged into the skin or may be taken by mouth(rarely though). Each technique has its own significance. This therapy is used for relaxation, reducing pain, depression etc. Research is still going on in this.8 BalneotherapyBalneotherapy which is also known as Hydrotherapy uses water for therapeutic purpose. The logic behind is water is beneficial for our skin and body. Practitioners use mudpacks, douches, and wraps. They want to prove that water can definitely boost one’s immune system.9 ChiropracticThis is widely accepted these days. Disorders of nervous systems are mainly cured through Chiropractic therapy. Spinal manipulation is performed in this therapy. Joints movements are being balanced here.10 BiofeedbackBiofeedback allows people to control our body’s processes happening involuntarily like heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature etc. Patients learn relaxation techniques and mental exercises from Biofeedback therapist. Electrodes are been used in this technique.     Here we discussed multiple alternative medicines to cure diseases. Doctor Fharzana Siraj has done a great job in the medical field. She is the co-founder of Krshn yoga and a doctor of Alternative Medicine. She is specialized in therapeutic yoga. She is also certified Iyengar yoga trainer.