If a destination in such cases would be Jamshedpur.

If you have a free weekend and you are pretty broke, a place that sits comfortably as a destination in such cases would be Jamshedpur. Popular to many as “Jampot”, this city not too far from Kolkata, fits into just the right criteria for a weekend getaway with a bouquet of interesting sites and things to do. So, lets check the things that make the city special:


Cherish Nature in ‘The land of the Tatas’:

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      Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary: Jharkhand prides on its wildlife heritage and this sanctuary is no different. It would be better if one pre-books rest houses details of which can be found in jharkhand’s website for wildlife welfare. It has a 15km trek which can be travelled on car or on foot. Sights of barking deer and elephants are sheer delight.

      Jubilee Park: This park loosely adapted from the concept of Vrindavan Gardens at Bangalore, is a place to enjoy family time or to read a good book here and there! However, the entire area comprises of a zoo, a lake, an amusement park and the gardens. The lake provides boating services, while the amusement park has enough fun-packed rides to spend a whole day in and around the park.




Artificial Beauty is equally intoxicating:

      The Jubilee Park also draws tourists through a unique lazer and musical fountain show which talks place in the evenings and the Russy Modi centre for Excellence which gives a comprehensive detailed account of the city’s history.

      The Sai temple also accounts as another architectural marvel in the city which is simply brilliant to ease one’s mind from the regular chaos and busy schedule of urban life.

Tummy khush to mummy khush!

Jamshedpur has always been underrated in the sphere of foodies, but the golgappas, cakes, chaat and dosas are something which makes Jampot a complete cosmopolitan. If you love to comfort your taste with a multitude of flavours and dishes, here are some food joints you must definitely try:

      Manohar Chaat (any Chaat- there are equally delicious)

      Narayan Kulfi, Sakchi (Best place for kulfi in the town)

      The Bruebeck Bakery, Bistupur

      Shawarma Roll at Campus Adda, Sakchi

      Golgappas at Chhappan Bhog and around Basant Cinema- This one needs a good eye, otherwise you would end up at the wrong stall. An advice, look for the pav bhaji stall, the one you need is the one beside it!

      Soda Shikanji in front Of Basant Cinema

So, if your purse is not that heavy and a weekend is somehow boring you, come and explore this little city and you would not go unsatisfied!

And finally, foodies, these are the ones to cherish!


 How to travel:

By Train: Travel to Tatanagar Junction, with almost all trains moving up and down have stoppages here.

By Road: Enjoy Road trips and best area to enter Jamshedpur would be through Dimna.

Where to stay:

The Sonnet, Bistupur, Mob: 0657 661 9000

Best Western Hotel Ganga Regency Mob: 0657 661 0500

The Wave International,Dimna Mob: 0657 655 8503

Hotel Sagar, Kalimati Road, Sakchi Mob: 0657 661 9000