I volunteered at Lichfield Cathedral once a week. My


I am positively driven to
continue studies in the subject of marketing, with an underpinning of business.
My ambition is become a marketer; developing high visibility brands with premier status. I hope to expand my knowledge, understanding and
the skills necessary to excel in the marketing profession.

Throughout the course of my
education, I have long been a dedicated student of both business and art. Allowing
analytical thinking to complement creative thinking, these skills have inspired
me during school, college and into university and I strive to further develop
them in future study and beyond.

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It is the creative aspect of marketing that drew me to the subject. I particularly like the idea of how people in
the marketing profession, using various creative tactics, are concerned with
raising brand awareness; not trying to sell the product directly but trying to
make people aware of it and want to buy it. For example, IKEA had a brilliantly
simplistic campaign – “IKEA Russia ‘hacked’ Instagram,” posting images that created the appearance of a website homepage (in grid view). It
wasn’t flashy, and didn’t have high intensity music, special effects or any
other superficial techniques that are used to attract attention. It was a low
cost promotional strategy, a great use of social media.

In my Level 5 Programme, I
am mostly enjoying the modules Marketing for Business, Marketing Planning
and Understanding Your Market. These have helped me
to gain an understanding of the customer online journey mapping is the process of tracking and
describing all the experiences that customers have as they encounter a service
or set of services, considering what happens to them and their responses to
that experience. I’ve also studied
important concepts that show why and how businesses collect data about markets,
interpret the information and use it to support marketing decisions. I was given an opportunity to set up a virtual
business and develop the skills required to become
an entrepreneur and work within a
small to medium sized enterprise, allocated a grant
of £15,000. Demonstrating my ability to
transfer knowledge from one scenario to another.

2015 and 2016 I volunteered at Lichfield Cathedral once a week. My tasks were varied and included assisting with the design
of promotional materials which advertise events and administration tasks. This
allowed me to work closely with the dioceses and marketing
team, experiencing first-hand, a professional working environment.

I’ve also took part in the ‘Summer of a Lifetime’ programme – part of the
government’s National Citizen Service. I worked within a team to create
and execute a Social Action Project; planning and delivering a live music event, which involved project
management, organisation and money management. This helped me to gain confidence, leadership and teamwork skills.
Our achievements were recognised nationally and resulted in a certificate from
David Cameron and a letter of appreciation from Dame Kelly Holmes.

I am continually developing
my skills whilst studying my Level 5 Programme, working both independently and within a team. I am aiming to achieve merits and distinctions in my assignments and
constantly working to improve my style in academic writing. I feel
that university is effectively preparing me for a career in marketing and I am ready for the challenges and opportunities
that may lie ahead.