I Undergraduate Program. Then as time passed I got

I have always been
fond of academics but lacked the objective of how to channelize it. My career
ambitions are not childhood aspirations, rather a constant integration of
knowledge and education. It all started eight years back when I first read
about semiconductors and solid state electronic devices in high school and I
found them fascinating. Subsequently, a predilection for physics and
mathematics and a growing interest in electronics led me to choose Electronics
and Communication as a major in my Undergraduate Program. Then as time passed I
got more and more immersed in the subject; especially with the aspects of
devices and fabrication process.

In my first year
of undergraduate study, I learned about basic electronic devices and logic
circuits and I decided to make something out of it. I attended a workshop about
making Line Follower Robots during our college Tech Fest and tried to make one
using Arduino UNO. I took part in the line follower robotic competition named
‘AutoBot’ in ‘TECHFEST’ (a state level technological fest organized by Academy
of Technology) but was unfortunately disqualified as my robot was very slow and
sensors were not detecting the line properly. I was initially disappointed but
did not lose hope.  Next year again I
designed a new one by making the circuit board of my own with an Atmega16
microcontroller and L293D motor driver and infrared sensor. This time I secured
the first position in the same event where I was previously disqualified. It
boosted my confidence quite a bit thus leading me to participate in some
national level competitions and workshops. One of them was the event named
‘Laws of Motion’ (a national level aero-modelling competition) in KSHITIJ
(Techno-Management Fest of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur) and got
huge appreciation for making the RC Plane and successfully landing it to ground
after performing the task where most of the participants crashed theirs.  Another mention worthy event was Techniche,
2014 at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, where I participated in
‘Breakout’, which is an obstacle bearing and maze solving robotics event and I
secured the third position for the same. All these achievements made me all the
more passionate about electronic devices and circuits.

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From my childhood,
I always secured good score in mathematics and science subjects which led me to
clear the entrance test for Bankura Zilla School, one of the most eminent
schools of West Bengal. My rank was within top 10 throughout my school life.
Apart from academics I captained my school football team and managed to make
our team district champion. I participated in many quiz and extracurricular
events in school and earned a lot of accolades. I also like to paint and stood
second in the ‘All India Colour Camel Contest’ (a painting event organized by a
company named Camlin).

I got an A+ grade
in physics and mathematics in my 12th standard and aspired to pursue
these subjects for my higher studies. Now I feel taking Electronics and
Communication as my undergraduate major in my college had been  the best decision as I continued to get good
grades in my major subjects, which include ‘Solid State Devices’, ‘Digital
Electronics and Integrated Circuits’, ‘Microprocessors and Microcontrollers’,
‘VLSI Design’ and ‘Design Lab’. I was among the top 10% of our batch.  Professors in my department always
appreciated my works and had faith in me which motivated me to do well.
Alongside I became the class representative in college and hosted various
events like Cultural Fests, Inter college sports event, and Technological
Fests. I was also elected as the head of core cultural committee of our college
in the final year and organized a giant scale cultural event named ‘Arcadia
2015’, starting from acquiring sponsors for the fest, printing and designing
t-shirts, posters, and managing artists; that event was a huge success.

My strong passion
for Electronic devices and Nanotechnology encouraged me to undergo various
training and projects in this domain. I joined ‘Globsyn Finishing School’ for
training on ‘Microelectronics and VLSI’ and led our team to do a project named
‘Automated lighting system for homes’. Our group got the first prize from the
batch. Further, I did a training on Digitized PA System, Train Information
Display Board and CCTV camera from Eastern Railway in Sealdah railway station
(a station in India). Then I developed an application named ‘Automated Car
Rental System’ using JAVA 7 during my JAVA training in ‘Globsyn Finishing
School’. Later I have completed a course named ‘Nanotechnology: A makers
course’ from ‘Coursera’ and I gained more knowledge about Nanofabrication.

In my final year
of under graduation I worked on two projects, one was ‘Effect of Microwave
Radiation on Human Head’ using CST microwave studio. The other one was ‘Smart
Plug’, an electrical power socket that can be operated by an android mobile
application. At first, it was controlled by Bluetooth and the range was about
20 meter but later I increased the range by using an open source IoT (Internet
of Things) platform ‘ThingSpeak.com’ and a BeagleBone Black to upload and
download data using the internet and then sending it to the device using
Bluetooth. Our team demonstrated this project on ‘Science and Engineering Fair’
at Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, Kolkata, 2015, and became first
on that exhibition. These projects improved my capabilities of working and
managing a team.

After completing
my under graduation I worked as an intern in ICRA Techno Analytics Ltd,
followed by which I got a job offer from Cognizant Technology Solutions. I did
well in their training program and I was the first one to be selected for a
project. My client was JP Morgan Chase and I was an automation tester on that
project. Then I got an offer from a company named Hylift Robotics, where I got
a chance to work in my area of interest. I work on Embedded Hardware &
Software services. I worked on projects based on FPGA design, microcontroller
based systems, IC fabrication and
VLSI circuit design and architectures. Side by side I
took up GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, organized by Indian
Institute of Technology) examination and secured a position among top 3% of
students in our domain (out of almost 200000 students).

Through the many
opportunities I had, I have found that I have a deep interest in research work
and a strong aptitude for the type of problem-solving and the discovery that it
involves. I have, therefore, decided to pursue active research in Device
Science and Nanotechnology as a career and I strongly want myself to indulge in
developing something new which can make our life easy. I worked in an NGO named
‘Kadra Dinabandhu Society’ founded by my parents and donated blankets in the
winter season, buckets and utensils to the people in need and these experiences
along with my lineage encourages me to implement research for the greater good
of mankind. .

The Master’s
Program in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Device Science and
Nanotechnology from UTD caters to my ambitions ideally. UTD has world-class
research labs like ‘Fluctuation and Noise Exploitation Laboratory’,
‘Nanofabrication facility’, ‘Quantum and Nano-Optics Laboratory’, ‘Solid State
Electronics, Photonics and Nano-Engineering Laboratory’ which are directly
related to my upcoming and previous work.

Graduate education
in UTD is known for its spirit of innovation, research and academic brilliance.
I hope the above-mentioned credentials will be considered for my admission to
your institution. Specifically, I am interested in Professor Mark Weichold’s
work on Device Physics and Fabrication and wish to work under him which will
assist me to reach my goal. I have the skill and quality and need the right
opportunity to achieve my dream and your university is the best platform I can

I will work with
dedication and put forth the best of myself. I eagerly look forward to be a
part of your prestigious university.