I time management skills, analytical skills and his ability

I take great pride in recommending Mr.Balaji Boopathy, for his
master’s program in your university.  I
have known him well for three years. I understand that Mr. Balaji Boopathy is applying to our university for Master’s
Program in Computer Science and as his Lead Project Manager in XYZ Inc. I have
had several occasions to interact, evaluate his performance and observe him during
the four-year’s timeframe. I find Mr. Balaji Boopathy to be a brilliant
software engineer.

Mr. Balaji Boopathy selection in our company was
based on his academic performance, aptitude test and followed by a technical
interview. Apart from his analytical skills and academic record, I was amazed
by his amazing proficiency in software programming.

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Mr. Balaji Boopathy’s ability as a programmer was
of great use during the development of many software applications in our team. He has detailed knowledge and hands-on experience in several
programming languages which includes C, C++, Java, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. According to the needs in our team, he quickly
learnt MYSQL for database management and Adobe ActionScript and PHP to ensure
timely delivery of the projects. His strong knowledge of mathematics and in
programming helped him to cultivate an analytical thinking and in solving
complex issues in various projects.

Balaji Boopathy brings liveliness, eagerness,
and commitment to all his activities. Be it in analysing of complicated
algorithms in a new billing system, or establishing best practices in an
emerging technology, He always delivers the best quality work for our
organization in time. His overall talent, his ability to learn fast, determination
to perform, leadership and communication qualities will support him well during
his graduate program.






Balaji Boopathy is a self-initiator and has strong leadership skills. He
has great communication skills and has wonderful presentation skills which
helped him to communicate & present proficiently. He has exhibited
his keen time management skills, analytical skills and his ability to take
personal responsibility at several occasions during weekly organization
meetings, team building and task accomplishment activities. During his work,
Mr. Balaji Boopathy has proved himself to be a hardworking young software
engineer, with great capability of learning new concepts swiftly. His
performance in all the projects was outstanding and this team mates praised his

His last project was in development of onebook , a monitoring tool for Operating System Support (OSS),Infrastructure domain. Balaji Boopathy
was one of the four members of the development team located globally. His responsibilities
were to make changes in the design and
incorporate new features to tailor the needs of our customers. The project was completed in an agile development process in short span of time. Based on the overwhelming positive feedback from clients about the
quality of his work and timeliness, I can confidently say that with his immense
technical knowledge he can skilfully execute the tasks assigned to him.

Considering his brilliant talent and immense eagerness
to learn, I certainly feel that Mr Balaji Boopathy is an ideal candidate to
pursue Master’s program in your university. I absolutely support his
application for admission in your university. I wish him the very best in his
future endeavours. Please feel free to contact me any time in case of any query.