I this course. To my shock, I saw almost

I have been involved with a non governmental organisarion
(NGO) called The Art of Living Foundation for six years now. It is a compassionate,
humanitarian and educational NGO. Established in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The
Foundation is spread in more than 150 nations.

The Foundation is working in extraordinary consultative
status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council of the United
Nations. The International Association for Human Values is an accomplice NGO
that the foundation established, that spotlights on the betterment of human
esteems at the grassroots level. This foundation offers various personality
development and trauma relief programs.

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My journey with The Art Of Living started when a friend
introduced me to a ‘Happiness’ Course offered by the foundation. I thought it
was something that old people should do as it was a six day course with lots of
meditation and joy-inducing activities. As I was free for a few months during
my summer vacation so I started this course. To my shock, I saw almost everyone
of my age. I have been doing meditation and yoga since 6 years now and it has
really helped me physically as well as mentally. I have a more optimistic
approach to life now. I don’t even remember getting angry at anyone as compared
to other people. After doing the same course twice, I started volunteering for
the course and helped the teachers to execute it. At the weekend, we all used
to plan out some social activity which ranged from collecting funds for
orphanage, donating cloths, washing people’s cars’ for money that we could
donate etc. We have set up many drives to clean up the societies and have seen
a lot of attendance at such drives. These are just a few examples in which I
was involved. Moreover, The Foundation is occupied with numerous social
administrations all around. Its territories of work covers trauma and calamity relief,
conflict resolution, poverty mitigation, women empowerment, child labour, rehab
for prisoners, studies for all, environment sustainability and battles against
female foeticide.