I the effects of perinatal exposure to nicotine replacement

I began pursuing a degree in Health
Sciences at UOttawa, but found it was missing technicalities of diseases and
therapeutics. I then transferred into Biopharmaceutical Sciences (Medicinal
Chemistry) within which I learned about the origins of diseases and their
manifestations, as well as the origins of medicine and its applications in more


My research experience began in
neuroscience in 2013, where I learned about the effects of perinatal exposure
to nicotine replacement therapy. I studied the inhibition of catalytic cascades
in E.coli in a biochemistry lab from 2014-2015. In 2017, I studied oncolytic
viral therapeutics and completed my Honours thesis in collaboration with the
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.

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Outside of academia, I volunteered
with Bruyère Continuing Care. I visited geriatric post-operative patients in
rehabilitation, helped nurses and completed administrative tasks. Here, I
confirmed that I wanted to commit myself to the well-being of others in a
clinical setting. Blending passion and hobby, I worked as a fitness attendant
with Sports Services at UOttawa. I became a Personal Training Specialist
through CanFitPro in 2016. I’ve since assessed, developed individualized
fitness programs for and taught many clientele ages 17-75. Since 2015, I served
as an external ambassador for C.U.C.O.H, and was club president from 2016-2017.

I facilitated organization of travel and accommodation, and recruited delegates
to attend. We traveled to Queen’s U to undergo workshops such as intubating,
suturing, and cadaver labs and heard healthcare professionals in various fields
present seminars with respect to the multidisciplinary nature of healthcare.