I storage structures. The Oracle E-Business Suite delivers a

I have been working as an accountant
in the G.H.Q financial department for 16 years. We deal with people’s
allowances, salaries and end of service benefits using
a database server, which calls Oracle Application. In this assignment, I will
explain the type of information system that we use and some essential points
related to the subject.

Name and description of the IS: (Oracle Application,
E-Business Suite Financial UAE Armed Forces version 12.1.3).

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Application or database is defined as a collection of data treated as a single
unit. The main purpose of a database is to store and recover related
information. A database server is a key to solving many problems of information
management. A server manages a large amount of data in a multiuser atmosphere
so that many users can simultaneously access the same data. It also prevents
unauthorized access and delivers efficient solutions for failure recovery. All
this is achieved while providing high performance.


Database was the first database designed for enterprise grid computing, the
most stretchy and cost-effective way to manage information and applications.
Enterprise grid computing creates huge pools of industry-standard, sectional
storage, and servers. With this great architecture, each new system can be
quickly provisioned from the pool of components. Capacity can be simply added
or transferred from the resource pools as needed.


The database
has logical and physical structures. Because of the logical and physical
structures are separate, the physical storage of data can be accomplished
without disturbing the access to logical storage structures.


The Oracle
E-Business Suite delivers a set of financial applications used worldwide in
businesses. Oracle Corporation combines these applications into suites that
defined as sets of common, integrated applications designed to accomplish
specific business processes.

Financials refers to some financial modules such as:

Oracle AssetsOracle General LedgerOracle PayrollOracle ReceivablesOracle Cash ManagementOracle TabsOracle Management


We are using the latest version, which is E-Business Suite 12.1.3. The
new version includes new entry functionality, enhancements to existing
functionality, and fixes to improve stability, security, and performance.

Oracle Application is used around the world in government,
semi-government and non-government organizations. In fact, 97% of Fortune 100
Companies use Oracle. We use it in the G.H.Q Financial Department to control
the procedures of giving the employees their allowances and salaries. We also
use it to minimize the number of employees in each office as we develop a
self-monitoring system. According to a Gartner 2016 study, companies that use
Oracle are satisfied with the hardware and software products because it eases
deployment and database management.

who is the vendor and what support do
you have for this system?


In 2013,
Oracle was the second largest software vendor. The main company is located in
Redwood Shores, California, USA. Oracle is on the Fortune 100 companies in the
81st place, with $10.2billion in revenue, 420,000 international customers, 310,000
database customers and 37,000 developers. After 40 years, the company continues
to grow and provide a various suite of products across many industries.


The G.H.Q
has a contract with one of the 37,000 developers, which is located in UAE. The
developer’s name cannot be classified as a matter of security. The developer
maintains the system and develops any new screen that is needed to make the job
easier for future procedures.


How is this system is used to achieve
business objectives (is succeeding or failing)?


10 years ago, before we started using oracle application, we used to do
the work manually which was very hard to control. We had around 10 accountants
in one office to record the allowances manually. In addition, we needed space,
time, good accountants and huge efforts to accomplish the job. Unfortunately,
we had many mistakes, which also needed time to be fixed. Since Oracle
application was introduced to us, the number of employees was reduced to nearly
more than half, and the number of financial offices was reduced to only four
offices around the UAE. Mistakes are easily spotted and fixed and the most
important benefit of using Oracle is the zero chance of fraud within the
payroll system. We do not need any paperwork or storage place as the Oracle
application gave us the option to record data as much as we need on a disk.
Transferring salaries to the banks became easier with the new application. I
believe as an accountant that this system has transformed the financial
department in a successful way turning the financial system into a
self-mentoring system.




What are the inputs, processing, and
outputs of the system that you are presenting?


The UAE Armed Forced deals with all sort of thing from giving the soldiers
their salaries to purchasing equipment such as army vehicles and weapons. I
work on an application called the end of service benefits which is the amount
of money each employee deserves by the UAE armed forces Law. The process starts
by getting the order from the HR department depending on the reason for
termination. Each reason has a different law with a different calculation. For
example, medical retirement reason will not have an end of service benefit but
the employee will have a full salary for two years after the retirement day and
then the salary will be nearly half of it.

I start the process by typing the employee number and then type in the
date of recruiting and date of termination. After that, I will enter the
termination order number and the reason for termination. The system will
automatically check his allowance and the amount that the employee deserves
depending on the reason for termination. On one of the screens, I will be
checking his days of holidays that were left and type it in, the system will
automatically change the days into money. After entering all the required data,
the employee’s application will be sent to all the responsible departments. In
two weeks’ time, the amount should be transferred into the employee’s account.

Each computer is connected to a secured network using oracle
application. In this application, the employee uses a different type of
technology such as computers, InterCall, outlook, printers, and scanners.