I property, getting credit, and doing business or starting

I would recommend my older sister
emigrate from the United States to New Zealand for both economic and employment
purposes. It has immaculate ratings across multiple sources and a variety of
aspects that would also increase the quality of life. New Zealand has shown
consistent growth and high rankings for the past few decades.


According to The World Bank, New
Zealand is ranked number one out of 190 countries in multiple sectors important
for emigrants looking for employment and creating a new life. She would have no
problem registering property, getting credit, and doing business or starting a
business. Individuals are urged to help the local economy, although the market
is open to foreign investment as seen by its lowest ranking in trading across
borders. The country is also highly ranked for dealing with construction
permits, protecting minority investors, paying taxes, and enforcing contracts
compared to other countries. Getting credit and electricity is relatively high
as well, ensuring ease for her to establish a fresh life. A high ease of doing
business is important for people immigrating to the country since it shows the
country and government is conducive to creating and operating a local business.

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Economically, New Zealand is highly
efficient in almost every aspect in accordance with The Economic Freedom Heat
Map. In fact, New Zealand has been improving for the last few decades and has
overall higher efficiencies when compared to the United States. It is only
lacking in government spending, as most countries are. With high financial and
business freedom, there will be economic opportunity and allow newcomers to
capitalize on those and be prosperous.  Since
the government is not as involved, there is high investment and monetary
freedom which would allow her to partake in higher economic activities.


Another concern when moving abroad
is corruption. Through the Corruption Perceptions Index, we see this would not
be a concern when moving to New Zealand. The country is tied for first out of
176 countries with a very clean score of 90%, indicating very little
corruption. This is indeed higher than the United States which is ranked 18th
at 74%. The article highlights how there is a strong connection between
corruption and equality leading to an unequal distribution of wealth. Especially
as a female, low chance of corruption indicates less chances of encountering
inequality. As a highly ranked country with little corruption, she would most
likely have more press freedom, access to public information, stronger
standards of integrity, and independent judicial systems, which was stated by
Transparency International.


All resources display consistency
and growth in New Zealand economically over the past few decades. Moving to New
Zealand would be an easy transition since it is similar to the United States in
the aspects important to establishing a new life. As discussed earlier in this
unit, nations with legitimate frameworks that support private property rights, endorse
creation and growth of private business, and have limited governmental control in
the economy, provide higher quality of life for its residents. New Zealand is
by far the best choice to move to based on economic and employment purposes.