I of the News Reporter Dear Dairy, It is

I will be writing 2 different dairy entries about the
earthquake and radiation leakage that happened on the coast of Tohoku, Japan on
March 11, 2011. To show the difference in the type of writing that the reporter
has compared to the child, I will be writing the reporter’s diary entry with
the assumption that the work will be published. For the other one, the child’s
diary I will be using language that will be less mature and language used
through the child’s cultural background. The purpose of using diary as my text
type was to show the effect of culture on language. I will be using cultural
references to Japan as well as cultural references to the reporters. I believe
the two different dairy entries are written for different purposes. The
contrast can be seen not only in an intellectual level but also the writing

I am writing these dairy entries because I want to express
the feelings and experiences of people that were affected by the earthquake. I
thought of a dairy entry would be the best way of recreating the stories and
feelings of how those are affected because dairies can be personal and
opinionated. In this way, I can show the difference between what the news and
the personal experience of what the people have encountered. This might
contradict between what the reports that they are making and the true feelings
of the people.

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Dairy Entry of the News Reporter

Dear Dairy,

It is my 5th day reporting at Sendai. I felt the
Earthquake a few days ago in Japan, and it was the biggest earthquake that I
have ever experienced in my entire life. I contemplate about it now and think
that it must have felt even more destructive and intense at Sendai. Looking at
all the damage now, I am very certain that it is true that the impact at Sendai
was far greater than of that which we have felt in Tokyo or other regions of
Japan. The earthquake was one thing but after the tsunami washed everything
away into the sea and from what I can see, there is nothing left except for
rocks, debris and water left over. It has already been several days since the
earthquake strike but I am still feeling the earthquake that are almost as
strong as the one from several days ago. I am inferring that they are
aftershocks. How much more are there?

This earthquake felt at Sendai affected many other countries
in the pacific. Guam has issued a tsunami warning and South Korea have
evacuated people from the coastal regions. Houses in Malaysia, Philippines, and
Papua New Guinea were destroyed by waves up to 1m high.

In my view as a reporter, the government’s response to the
situation crisis was inadequate. It was inadequate because of the number of
death caused and the time it was took to report the number of deaths that were
reported to the public. There have already been a few mistakes that other
foreign government and news have broadcasted.

A nuclear power plant broke down in Fukushima, in which
caused lots of problems because of the radiation leakage. The nuclear power
plant workers have never dealt with this kind of problem with the appropriate
measures. Recovery work is beginning but there is no progression so far. I
believe there will be more casualties because of this radiation.