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I remember my first pimple, it was 6th grade and it was on my forehead. The little red gremlin was off-centered so I could easily just cover it with my bangs and within a few days, I had my clear skin back. After that each time I broke out another pimple would appear, one turned into two, two turned into three and this pattern continued until I could no longer hide it. The breakouts started lasting longer, days to into week and weeks turned into months. Even when the breakouts subsided red scars took their places.For the most part, I wasn’t bothered by my acne or the scars left behind, because I thought well it’ll all just go away by the time I finish high school. Unfortunately, it didn’t and in fact, it got worse. I developed Nodular and Cystic acne, by the time I entered 9th grade. My skincare regime was no longer working, all my home remedies lost their magic touch. Without a hint of relief, my acne became so incredibly painful, I actually had to stop sleeping my side when it flared up. I started becoming more self-conscious of my skin, when I noticed other’s staring, some gave me that aggravating pity voice, and then, of course, there were those who questioned my health and hygiene.  Every day was quickly becoming a struggle, slathering layers of foundation and concealer on my face to hide my growing shame, only to scrub it off with abrasive face washes later that day. Despite ever-changing skincare regimes and fad diets the would “Cure” acne, it would slowly recede only to quickly come back and with a vengeance. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school, I finally decided to do some in-depth research into skincare and diet.Normally my diet consisted of Bottles of Water, Cheerios for breakfast, Take Out for lunch, Pasta for dinner. After Reading Articles upon articles, each and every one went on about a healthy balanced diet that was a crucial key to keeping acne at bay. So unlike my fad acne diets, I gradually started to incorporate more vegetables, fruits, and grains, cutting out fatty, salty and sugary foods and drinking even more water and while the process was slow, I started noticing changes. Reduced inflammation of the current acne, my skin was brighter and it even felt a little softer but even with the changes to my diet, something was clearly missing. A proper skincare regime. At this point in time I had never been to a dermatologist, So I was really clueless as to what really worked and what didn’t. Threw the google searches I learned that almost all of my face washes were doing more harm than good to my skin. Instead, they recommended a basic skin care routine, gentle face wash, a good moisturizer and a high SPF of sunscreen. I even came up with a few home remedies just in case my acne decided to roll out the red carpet for itself. When my vanity goes unchecked, and insecurities boil over, I remind myself that there’s much more to life than appearance. I’m not sure if I would have learned this deeper lesson without these acne problems.My battle with acne and the scars have taught me that, all in all, our physical features, whether good or bad, do not determine our self-worth. When my vanity goes unchecked, and insecurities boil over, I remind myself that there’s much more to life than appearance. My encounter with skin-based shame led me to realize that self-worth has to come from within first because Beauty is only skin-deep, after all.