I fascinating and also developeda keen interest in different

I was a student of science background in school and had been interested in pursuing anengineering degree since those days. Also, the early days of mobile communications in myhome country, Bangladesh, strongly shaped my reason to study telecommunications atuniversity.I studied electronics and telecommunication engineering at Southeast University in Dhaka,and graduated with a CGPA of 3.56 on a scale of 4.00 in 2012. I majored intelecommunication.During my bachelor’s studies, I found the engineering courses fascinating and also developeda keen interest in different application areas of engineering. I studied a range of courses suchas telecommunication engineering, digital signal processing, wireless communication, opticalfibre communication, mobile communication, digital and satellite communication, advancednetworking, computer architecture, data communication, and signals and systems. I learnedabout wireless communication systems and various applications of wireless technologies notonly in people’s lives but in trade and commerce as well.I studied discrete mathematics, differential and integral calculus, ordinary differential equationand partial differential equation, and complex variables and transforms in the undergraduateprogramme. I obtained good grades in those courses. Besides, studies in C and Java werealso part of my course curriculum.To complete my undergraduate degree, I did research on application areas of 3G technologyand gained good knowledge of videoconferencing, which is one of the widely popularapplications of 3G technology.I have been working in the media as a journalist since February 2013, just a month aftercompleting my bachelor’s degree. I got into journalism because I have a passion for writing.But after working in the field of journalism for two years, I realised in early 2015 that I shouldget back to the engineering field because building a financially rewarding career in the mediawas just impossible.Also, as I love to work in a challenging environment where I can apply scientific knowledge tosolve complex problems, I decided to return to the engineering field and began looking forsuitable programmes abroad to continue my postgraduate education. A foreign degree ishighly valued in the Bangladeshi job market and so I decided that I would obtain a master’sdegree abroad before leaving the media to return to the field of engineering.This was when I found the master’s programme in communications and systems engineeringat the University of Vaasa on studyinfinland.fi, and I noticed that my bachelor’s degree gaveme an appropriate basis to pursue this programme.I also took a look at the structure of the master’s programme on the university website andwas particularly attracted to two courses – computer simulation in communication andsystems, and cryptography. I have always had an interest in these courses, but those werenot offered in my undergraduate programme. Apart from these, the master’s programmeID:UAF1602576 7 / 9Any attempts to modify this Application Form will be considered as forgery of an official document.offers many other advanced courses that I believe will help me gain new knowledge.It cannot be denied that wireless communication will rule the world in the future and devicesbased on this technology will shape how we will communicate with each other in ways thatwe have never thought of. This is a field that has the power to tremendously impact people’slives in terms of communication. In this regard, Finland strongly appealed to me because thecountry over the years has seen major technological advancements.I was also amazed to learn that Finland is the first country in the world that made broadbandinternet access a legal right for every citizen. In a country like Bangladesh, this is reallyinconceivable.I chose the University of Vaasa for its excellent research facilities that I believe will help meenhance my skills and scientific knowledge of the field of communication engineering. Thiswill eventually help me undertake research in this field, and acquiring good research skills willundoubtedly add value to my credentials in the professional world.Over the past few years, Bangladesh has seen a phenomenal growth in mobile phonesubscriptions, and the rapid development has connected more people than ever in some ofthe remotest locations of the country. The telecommunication industry in Bangladesh has atremendous potential, and companies operating in this industry will need a lot of skilledworkers to ensure smooth operations in the future.I strongly believe the technological knowledge and skills that I will acquire during the master’sprogramme at the University of Vaasa will help me greatly to build a very successful career inthe communication engineering field in my country.I expect that you will offer me a place in the programme considering my previousachievement in the bachelor’s studies and my future aspirations.N.B: So far, I have written more than 20 bylined articles in English and Bengali as a journalist,and 12 of those have been published in the Dhaka Tribune, a national English daily where Icurrently work at as a sub-editor in the central news desk.I wrote an article on the Finnish education system and here is the link:http://www.dhakatribune.com/op-ed/2015/oct/17/finnish-lessonAlso, all my articles published in the Dhaka Tribune can be found here:www.dhakatribune.com/author/mahmudul-islam