“I faking it”. The inspiring words of the singer

“I come
from a pop background, but I’m also Puerto Rican and I so feel the music. My
approach to salsa is a humble one, and I defy anybody to prove that I’m faking
it”. The inspiring words of the singer Marc Anthony means that he is proud of
where he is from, he is expressing gratitude for his country and his love as a
singer for the salsa tunes.  Marc Anthony
has pulled himself from a youth of singing with his father on the kitchen table
with friends, to playing sold out concerts at Madison Square Gardens for. He
became an artist that is not afraid of his sentiments and the veracity that he expresses
through all his music.


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Antonio Muñiz by his
real name was born in     New York City,
U.S in September 16, 1968. Marc Antony parents are Puerto Rican and the race
him in New York City’s Spanish Harlem.  Marc Anthony jump on to international recognition of
fame as a singer, songwriter, and actor. Marc changed his name, to avoid all the confusion with his
namesake. In 1993 he participated in a musical convention for radio
stations, in which there were disc-jockeys from all over the country. After his
performance, the audience was so excited that his songs began to sound
immediately on all stations. Soon he began to be known in other countries and
promotional tours were carried out that they took from one place to another
singing their songs in Spanish.

Singing Career

People start calling him the “king of salsa” he started his singing career by first becoming a vocalist for freestyle and Underground New York house music. In 1988, he came out with his first album called “Rebel”. He’s been on show business now for 29 years with music types as Latin, Salsa and Freestyle. He obtained 26 Billboard chart hits like Vivir Mi Vida, Flor Pálida. And many more. His number one hit for now is Vivir mi vida meaning “live my life” with more that 340 million views on YouTube, making the song the longest running number one salsa single of all times. The song received the Latin Grammy for Recording of the year. The song transmits inspiration to all his listeners to live life to the fullest and live it the way you want to. Additionally, one of his most important performances was held at Madison Square Garden, on Valentine’s Day 2000, where he presented his songs in English and gave an overview of his great successes in Spanish.

Influence on

Positive influence Marc Anthony has reserved a classic category of music very much alive over the years and hasn’t changed it at all, but at the same time he’s been very original about all of his work he has done. Marc Anthony has an influential personality, and possesses great potential for success. He involves always on his community and he works very hard for his country Puerto Rico. His work, moreover, goes beyond music. Anthony is co-founder and vice president of the Maestro Cares Foundation, which helps to rescue and provide basic resources to poor children in Latin America and since its creation in 2012 has opened orphanages in countries that include the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Mexico.

Choice of Lyrics

Marc Anthony is a
symbol for all the Hispanic community; as we learn in class all of the African
American contributed with something for their community; Marc Anthony is doing
the same with his music even when the hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto
Rico he was there for his country no matter what. Marc Anthony is respect as a
legend for all the Latin people because of r all his hard work, not just in the
side of music but how he joins all the people from all races together
expressing that everybody is the same on any matter and he tries to transmit
all of this messages throw his lyrics and songs.