I creating a blog in the high school to

I strongly believe in “Curiosity
is the wick in the candle of learning.”

My purpose for applying to a
graduate school is to learn more about the one thing I’m
inquisitive about and interests me the most, Computer Science. I am
sure I will get to learn and explore more about the world of computer
science in the graduation course of the Syracuse University.

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From creating a blog in the high
school to crafting my very first website by the end of the high
school itself, I decide that Computer Science is what I am going to
pursue my career in. My strong interest and curiosity lead me to
pursue a diploma in Computer Engineering after the high school. I
moved to a different city in search of a better exposure of the
technological fields. My determination, consistency and hard work
along with the desire to improve myself made me the first topper of
my class consistently for three years. Later, I proceeded to do my
under-graduation in Computer Technology from Yeshwantrao Chavan
College of Engineering. Studying for my engineering subjects I
realized that with each passing day my interest in the Computer
Science is steadily growing. I am really interested in the subjects
like Data Structures, Software Engineering, and programming. I was
again, topper of my class for the subjects of Data Structures, Ad-Hoc
Wireless Networks, Theoretical Foundation of Computer Science and
Object Oriented Programming.

I keep myself engaged in
projects, workshops and seminars that compliment my academic
interests. As mentioned in my resume, I have completed three major
group-projects including one implementation of an IEEE research paper
on Data Security using Armstrong numbers. These projects granted me
the experience of applications of theoretical knowledge in the real
world. I keep myself updated with the current technological trends in
computer science through research magazines and the Internet. And I
try to share this knowledge by giving seminars and making case

Last year, I put my research work
in the form of a case study under the subject of Software Engineering
on the topic “Automatic Chemotherapy”. I am planning to research
further on the same. I want to make use of Computer Science to make
this world a better place to live in. And I plan to accomplish that
by continuously expanding my knowledge and understanding of Computer
Science and by sheer perseverance.

To be able to continue learning,
I want to get enrolled in Syracuse University’s Computer Science
graduate program. My objective is to get the best possible expertise
and experience in the field of Computer Science. My parents are
providing funds for my further education along with an education
loan. I will give my best to not only become a better engineer and a
better person, but also I wish to contribute something to improve the
society. I believe that Syracuse university can offer me the best
platform to achieve my objectives and my goals. Looking forward to
get a positive response from the university.