I. companies, Systembolaget has nothing to do with maximising

I. Alcohol can be a source of joy and pleasure, but also to addiction, illnesses, deaths, violence and accidents. II. My name is Belinda, and I’m here to talk about how alcohol consumption can be limited.Transition: How many in here are over 21? Well, in California, you guys have access to alcohol   in grocery and liquor stores 20 hours a day according to alcohollaws.org. In my home   country, things are a little bit different, so today, I’ll discuss the Swedish liquor stores,   the system, and alcohol related research with you.Body I. Systembolaget is a government-owned chain of liquor stores that has a 100% alcohol monopoly in Sweden, which means that they are the only ones allowed to sell alcohol.A. Unlike other companies, Systembolaget has nothing to do with maximising profits, which is also why they don’t advertise their products in any way. To boost sales or trying to persuade people to buy more isn’t anything an employee at Systembolaget has to worry about. B. Instead, Systembolagets vision is to have a society where alcohol is enjoyed carefully, so that no one risks their health.Transition: As a current employee myself, I’m proud to say that it’s not just a statement on paper, but rather something that we’re always applying in real life by for example educating customers about health risks.II. According to WHO, the World Health Organization, about 8% of all men in the world who die; dies due to alcohol, and for women – it’s 4%. A. Having that in mind, and that Europeans actually drink twice as much alcohol as the rest of the world, it’s easy to see why the Swedish state has given Systembolaget the main mission of limiting the harmful effects of alcohol. B. Because of Systembolaget, alcohol consumption levels are lower in Sweden than in other European countries that don’t have alcohol monopoly.1. Even though alcohol consumption has fallen 11% over the past decade, the Swedish state research program says public health problems related to alcohol in Sweden are still estimated to cost $8.2 billion every year. C. Let me just also tell you that Sweden is about the same size as California, but with only 10 million people, and according to the 2017 launch plan from Systembolaget, their sales in 2015 was 125 million gallons with a retail value of $4.3 billion – that’s a lot of alcohol and money for such a small country if you ask me.Transition: We may think that almost everyone drinks in the world, however, as much as six out of ten people don’t drink at all – I’m one of them.III. Even though this is the case, the WHO reports that there are still 3.3 million deaths from diseases and injuries related to alcohol – every year. A. As you all probably know, alcohol increases the risk of many things such as traffic accidents, violence, diseases, and cancer – which is why public health would be the biggest loser if the alcohol monopoly was to be removed.1. In fact, there would be another 29,000 cases of abuse per year, another 8,000 drunk drivers, and another 1,400 alcohol-related deaths.2. The reason for these numbers is if a system where to be introduced in Sweden where you can buy alcohol in grocery stores, which is the case in many countries, the number of sales outlets would increase about 1,500%, and opening hours would increase by 76%.  B. The Global Status Report by WHO has shown that when it comes to reducing alcohol consumption, the number 1 way to do it is to limit the availability, which is why Systembolagets opening hours are between 10am-7pm Monday-Friday, 10am-3pm on Saturdays, and always closed on Sundays.Transition: That equals about 50 hours a week, in comparison to California where it’s available   about 140 hours a week – a big difference.   Conclusion