I certain ways which we call types of matter.

I have always believed that ‘design’ existed before humans did. From the arrangements of billions of stars in the galaxies to the living cell organisms, everything has a design. Atoms are designed in certain ways which we call types of matter. Everything that we see or miss to see is part of a big elaborate design. For me, the purpose of life seems to resolve itself around two questions: What to do and how to do it. The latter part is where design comes into place.One of my favorite quotes states “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there’s nothing left to take away”.I’ve always believed that Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.At its highest level, the design seems to be something that can only be practiced by few, with the rest of us left to experience and enjoy it, but not contribute to it. Yet, at its core, a design is something that any of us can do because, when stripped to its essence, the design is about adopting a holistic mentality and applying it to our lives. It’s about figuring out how disparate things can be brought together in new ways; it’s the ability to think about creative, unexpected solutions to our problems, in order to continue improving the quality of our lives, in short, “design is something that everyone does every day”. My fascination towards design has never been to create just mobile apps, no one becomes a good designer by thinking about creating just pixels on a screen; you need to step out of it. I am into design because I am curious to learn about how everything works. The most important thing to learn anything is curiosity I had always been incredibly interested in people – how they think, how they feel, why they do the things they do – but I also had a parallel interest in design.So, as I learned more about the theories of human-computer interaction, and explored further into the field, I developed a strong desire to understand alternative approaches to learning using Information and communication technology.Due to the absence of colleges in my state that offered an outright Human-Computer Interaction undergraduate program, I opted for an engineering degree in Computer Science. Being one of the biggest universities in Asia, VIT University offered the freedom to explore and work on the projects outside my coursework, on interdepartmental collaborative projects.My passion for solving daily life problems through technology saw my successful participation in various entrepreneurial summits and conferences. I was the head of the Entrepreneur Club at my university and was even awarded “The most promising budding entrepreneur” for my contribution in this field. For me, Design involves making something thoughtfully, so that people actually benefit from it.My undergraduate program was a journey of explorations and discoveries. While developing my scholastic aptitudes and practical skills, I honed my aesthetic sensibility, the perception of the world around us, and understanding of human needs. It was a process of unraveling my potentials and giving the free play of my creative mind.Life has a way of changing us over time, but often the change is subtle and imperceptible. There are, however, certain accelerators that can bring about rapid and meaningful change in an individual’s life. My decision to become an entrepreneur at the age of 19 was one of those accelerators. I founded a company called Deal Infotech enterprises and designed a device called Hawkeye. Hawkeye was essentially a black box for cars, it recorded a 360-degree footage of the vehicle’s movements and also accumulated vital parameters about the vehicle like tire pressure, steering wheel angle, throttle position etc., which could provide us with critical information about the cause of an accident. It continuously recorded all the data and uploaded it to a cloud account at regular intervals. Also, the data was stored in an indestructible casing which could be recovered in case of an accident. My inspiration for building such a device came from a tragic car accident in which we lost a dear friend, the cause of which could never be determined. My objective was to provide some clarity in a post-accident investigation. So I and my friend developed a working prototype of this device and presented our idea at the Green Bubbles startup catalyst convention in Bangalore. The device received great acclamation from all the esteemed judges leading to the first round of seed funding by an investor. However, before taking this idea to the next level I realized that some experience and academic exposure would help me pace towards my goal of building a company that is a long-term contributor to the field of technology and solves real-life problems. Thus, I decided to pursue a Master’s degree.