I breakfast but of course i was beaten to

         I sprang to life around 6 am thanks to the hustle and bustle on the streets. The random out of season birds chirping in my ear plus this noisy alarm of mine all added up to a headache making me think  “today can’t get any worse”. I tried shutting it off with a quick slap to my phone “ouch” I screamed. I hit the clock too hard. I stepped into the shower , the cold water hitting my skin added to my annoyance. “Today can’t get any worse” shaking my head. I acknowledged that my sister had used up all the hot water. “Great” i sighed a proceed with my cold shower. Stepping out the shower and slipping into some warm clothes. I went to the kitchen. To grab breakfast but of course i was beaten to that. My sister had only made herself some toast and eggs.” Where’s mine ” i said jokingly but i was dead serious. She didn’t answer.I guess it’s cereal and juice today.”I say to myself. Sighing and drinking some of my juice. But of course i waste some juice on my shirt. “Today is not my day fix it jesus” i went to go change. I grabbed my bookbag . Making sure i had everything .”Phone,keys,wallet.” Cool i had everything. Even though I was the first one out the door I was yelled at for moving too slow. “Could today get any worse” I had already decided that i wasn’t having any shenanigans today. I had to sit in back squished between two people. Going about 30 on a 20 because we were late.We ended up getting pulled over, and getting a ticket.”I’m not paying this ” My sister shouted as we pulled off. The three people squished in the back agreed. We finally arrive to school.I look at my phone “20 minutes late not bad”considering we are normally hours late or just plain don’t come this was great. But today being late meant getting detention ,and detention meant i should have just stayed home. I looked back to see my sister had already pulled off and had no choice but to go in.”Sike” I called my sister back and went home.”Ill try again tomorrow today is not my day”