“I Bharathi Institute of technology’ which has been consistently

“I think its fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we have
ever created.They are the tools of communication ,they are the tools of creativity and they can
be shaped by their user”-Bill Gates.

I strongly believe in the above lines.I also believe that computers will continue to
dominate our society.Computers have always held a life-long fascination for me.In the current
generation its almost impossible to imagine that someone can live without computers and I am
glad that I could contribute to next generation of computer technologies.

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In high school, I was very good at Mathematics and other subjects which require logical
skills and problem solving capabilities.After my twelfth I was successful in clearing our state
engineering entrance examination and could get into ‘Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of technology’
which has been consistently ranked as number one college in our state. After several interactions
with my teachers I decided to take up computer science as my major.

During my freshman and sophomore year , I failed in C programming, Java and Electric
circuits, failure has only motivated and fueled me to device simpler coding techniques and this
is the point where my interest in programming has started and I have scored good grades in the
immediate attempts.Later on, from my third year I consistently scored well in core
subjects.During my undergraduate degree I was exposed to various domains of computers like
DBMS ,Web Technologies,Computer Networks,Operating Systems,Artificial Intelligence ,Cloud
computing and Data Mining.

In addition to theoretical works I gained practical knowledge through various workshops
and technical competitions which gave me insight into topics.My first project during my
undergrad was the implementation of Onion Routing Technique which boosted my confidence
and this experience made me use my coding skills .My final year project was a Privacy Modeling
Framework For Online Social Networks which protects sensitive information from leakage in
social networks.Working on these projects broadened my vision of computer science and helped
me understand how diverse its developmental stages.

During freshman and sophomore years I worked as volunteer for several events for our
departments’ technical fest ‘Headstart’.In my third year I organized departments successful event
‘Hackathon’. I participated in many technical quizzes, essay writing competitions and won some
of them. These experiences made me good at communication and organization skills.

After giving a lot of thought on the options I had post my under-graduation, I decided to
join IT giant Accenture to get acquainted with corporate culture and how the international
business works. After the initial training, I was placed as an application developer for the BMW
client.Initially as an Application development associate, I have got a chance to automate some of
the old systems in RPA(Robotic Process Automation ) team. After this project, I was placed in

Einkauf product development team. As part of this team, I have developed many modules
considering the latest trends in freight forwarding. I along with my team upgraded the product to
the latest JAVA web technologies by designing a custom framework. This custom framework
greatly enhanced the product performance. I was successfully able to integrate Einkauf product
with other internal products and external accounting systems like SAP. I have greatly improved
my programming, analytical skills by working in this company. My learnings during my
undergraduate course and industry interactions during my time at Accenture have instilled in me
a desire to pursue graduation in order for me to do better with my original goal of contributing
to technology.

I am certain that Masters in Software Engineering would equip me with all the necessary
skillsets and discernment in the field of computer science to become an ardent professional in
my future. The carefully designed course is capable of providing me the necessary training
various concepts, ideas and techniques used to solve various real life issues with the help of
computer science.

Though I knew Canada to be an excellent place to be pursuing my post graduate course,
researching about the same has helped me understand the reasons for it be so. I was able to
understand that Canada pays excellent attention to improve the quality of their education
system .The opportunities for internship in the country are tremendous offering valuable chances
for the students to hone their skillsets much better. The encouraging and welcoming socio-
cultural milieu of Canada along with the value an international degree from Canada can add to
my resume and employability also played crucial role in my decision to pursue my post
graduation from Canada.

After conducting extensive research about graduate schools,I have found that Concordia
University has one of the best graduate computer science programs in Canada.I have learnt that
this university not only offers exceptional academic erudition and training but also matchless
exposure to the practical applications of computer science and as a person very much concerned
about the practical applications of everything I study, it drew me to the university instantly. I also
learned that the impeccable research facilities, academic settings and the even encouraging and
experienced faculty of the university further make it an excellent academic institute to become an
ardent computer professional. I am certain that the experiential teaching methods such as
discussion boards, group discussions and seminars along with excellent internship opportunities
make the university an ideal place to hone my skills and grow as an excellent computer science
professional. My short term goal is to seek employment in the Canada that could serve as a
practical supplement to my education. In the long-term, I plan to return to my native country and
would like to incept an ITES startup in the same field to help small and medium scale business

take advantage of the technology and create employment opportunities for less-privileged

I believe that it is paramount that I attend a university in which I will be challenged and I
believe that would be in the Masters in Software Engineering program at Concordia University. I
look forward to hearing from you and possibly studying in your esteemed institution.