I and Transmission Lines in third semester and Antennas

write this letter in recommendation of my student Mr. Viswanath Yadlapalli for graduate studies at your esteemed
university. Mr. Viswanath has studied in my department for four years as an
undergraduate and I have taught him two subjects, Electromagnetic Theory and Transmission Lines in third semester and
Antennas and Wave Propagation in
fourth semester. I had the opportunity to interact with him, both as the head
of the department and as a professor.          

            As a professor, I had many discussions with him in and
out of the classroom about various subjects. This interaction with him provided
me sufficient information to assess his deep understanding of subjects and analytical
skills that he has developed during the course. I have seen a keen urge in him to understand
engineering concepts beyond the theoretical purview reflecting his potential
for research. His
performance in class gave evidence of his sincerity and a high potential work
ethic. Viswanath also has a good knowledge of Computer programming and is adept in C, Java
and created a number of simulation projects using Mat lab in this regard. With excellent ability for
logical and intuitive thinking, he has proved himself to be a talented student.

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As the Head of the Department,
I can say from his involvement in departmental activities like projects,
workshops and other technical events in which he played an active role, that he
has excellent communicational skills and leadership qualities. He has shown
his adeptness at organizational skills and has a very amicable disposition
making him reliable and easy to communicate with.

            I am confident that he, as a student
with great zeal for higher academic pursuits and aptitude for research, will do
well in his further academic encounters. As a head of Department, I strongly recommend
him for admission in the MS Program at your esteemed University and he is well worth of financial aid.