I also been proved to keep the students happy

I believe that students should be able to use the phone in class. Please listen to me before you say no. Mobile phones are a good opportunity to teach students responsibilities. They have also been proved to keep the students happy and boost success.
Mobile phones are an excellent professor’s responsibility. Students know that they should not play games with cell phones at school, listen to music, or tell their friends about their quizzes. Telephones and tablets must be used responsibly and educatively. Students can study English papers. You can also download applications that provide additional information on one of the chemical elements of the periodic table. If necessary, the teacher can challenge fraud by setting the phone to “airplane mode”. This makes it impossible to send and receive messages, so students can not use the Internet. Every time a test is done, the teacher can put the mobile phone in front of the classroom until the test is over.
Now, time for an objection. Children should not use the telephone at school. One of the reasons children should not be permitted to use the phone at school is to misoperate during testing and distract from text messages and social networks. But the reason children should have mobile phones is that they can act in an emergency. Many children are unable to see the result and recognize that they are wrong until they get results. Another reason why mobile phones are bad at school is that children can post photos and let teachers be fired from school.
Mobile phones can be used to keep students happy. According to a survey conducted in 2005, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Laura King, Ed Diener discovered that happiness succeeded. Therefore, if we keep k-12 class students happy, they are more likely to learn more productively and succeed. Is not everyone wishing?
In conclusion, I believe that students must allow their mobile phones in class to use. They are responsible forms of teaching. Mobile phones are an excellent way to make students happy. So, should students be allowed to appeal the phone in class?