I a way that is very non-condescending which displays

I am writing this letter
to give my highest possible recommendation for Jada Gilbert as a 2018-2019
Resident Assistant. I have come to know Jada during the 2017-2018 academic
school year as we were enrolled in the same Biology course. During this time, I
can confirm that she is a strong driven student and a role model for her peers.

this school year, Jada has demonstrated the ability to work as a team player.
Having Jada as a member of my laboratory group has been exceptional due to the
fact that she assists our group when encountering perplexing laboratory
experiments. She does so in a way that is very non-condescending which displays
her willingness to help others in a deferential manner. After spending time
with Jada inside and outside of our Biology course I came to realize her willingness
to listen to others while giving advice when needed. Jada’s caring nature and
bright personality have helped her to positively contribute when working in a

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also working as a community assistant, in New Upper Residence Hall, Jada has
already possessed the characteristics of a resident assistant. Jada is
well-regarded among the staff and students in the residence hall. While
demonstrating the ability to work creatively, she is also accepting of new
ideas from her staff. Jada displays the “can do” attitude while taking on all
tasks with a positive energy. Her outgoing personality along with her exceptional
communication skills pulls residents in as they engage in conversation with
her. I believe the resident assistant position will allow Jada to reach out for
help from her peers as she often strays away from asking for assistance.

Gilbert is an outstanding individual and would be a great asset. I am very
grateful for her contributions to her peers and confident that she has the work
ethic, enthusiasm, and skills to take on the role of becoming a Resident
Assistant. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me to discuss
Jada Gilbert’s qualifications and experiences further. I would be happy to
expand on my recommendation.