I-797 different, it would be wise to pay attention

I-797 approval notice infoWhat is it??f you have just gotten an 1-797 approval notice from USCIs, this is just a notice in response to your previous Visa application. This constitutes only a form of communication with you (as the candidate) and usually informs you on the progress of your Visa application/status (immigrant or nonimmigrant categories).The I-797 approval notice doesn’t stand on its own–it’s not a visa and it’s doesn’t issue any benefit, but has important info inside about your case. Despite being called a form, it’s a simple notice and not a form you have to fill out with your data.  There are various I-797 approval notice categories, based on the Visa category the candidate belongs to. The most common I-797 form categories are as follows:I-797 approval notice. Given when an application/request is validated and approved. This is the most common I-797 form. Applicants who get this form can continue their stay in the U.S by the date stated on the form.I-797A. Given to an applicant as a replacement Form I-94. It also applies only to people who are residing in the U.S and are looking for a status change e.g permanent residency/green card.I-797B. Given to state approval of a foreign worker application. This for applicants who submit their application while being in the U.S or from a foreign embassy abroad or for those whose change of status cannot be approved.I-797C. A multi-purpose notice issued to confirm the receipt of payments, rejection of applications, transfer of documentation, request for fingerprint biometrics, arrangement of an appointment/interview, and re-opened cases depending on the situation.I-798D. Comes with benefit cards e.g green card. I-797E. Given to request additional documentation and evidence from the candidate if the previous documentation was insufficient or the application form wasn’t filled completely. It is important that candidates send additional documentation till the date appearing on the form. I-797F (Transportation Letter). Granted to allow applicants to travel overseas. This form is issued when an individual is travelling to the U.S from abroad, in case they lost their green cards while being abroad.As each form is different, it would be wise to pay attention to the instructions and the dates given to you–failure to do so may negatively affect the status  of your progress. Since the process may be confusing especially if you are requested to submit additional documentation, it would be wise to hire an immigration lawyer in your area e.g immigration lawyer in Los Angeles/immigration Los Angeles, ca. They have the means and experience to help solve your queries regarding your Visa application process and make sure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria as well as submit proper documentation.