Humans is a major key to human society as

Humans have always strived through everything nature has thrown at them. Now to strive even further,  genes of a child can be altered before its birth to enhance or change many features of the child. This a way to genetically design your, child, before it is even born. Although this currently is an expensive procedure, it will become more affordable as technology advances. There is unlimited combination for the genes to be altered, mainly because there are many genes that can be changed. However, the real question is if this concept will be a good thing for society or not. The idea of designer babies has a lot of potential for society because it can create diversity, give the parents their perfect child and could stop genetic diseases. Diversity is a major key to human society as it helps humans learn about each other and expand on this knowledge. Diversity is being diverse and having a variety of features, these can include religion, race, gender, and age. In today’s society, diversity is seen as a strength and not a weakness. However, history has shown that diversity has been a way to build hate towards others, but we have now come over that. This technology will create another level of diversity, Sally Deneen says “there are two species of humans-the standard issue “Naturals,” and the Gene-enriched” (par. 2). After the release of this technology, the world will be open to more types of diversity among itself. This will an advancement to the society as more capable minds and bodies will be developed for the betterment of human society. This diversity is not limited to human characteristics but can expand to other species, such as dog or even eagles. “Even traits from other animals may be added, such as a dog’s sense of smell or an eagle’s eyesight.”(Deneen. Par. 3). There will be many levels where we will create diversity and this is not limited to just human characteristics. The list of all these combinations are endless and will give the parents many distinct options as to what to choose. While choosing you are not limited to only one type of change as there are several and can be mixed together. This also helps the parents out as they are able to plan their child. It is every parent dream to conceive the perfect child, every parent has a different view of this child. It is based on the history that the parent has had being a child and what they feel is necessary for their child to strive in the human world. Some parents would prefer very active children, while others would want a child that is quiet and understanding. Being able to make these adjustments to your child can be very beneficial if a child is given the genetics to run faster. The child could be made so fast that he could beat Usain Bolt, who is a sprinter who holds the world record for one hundred meters and two hundred meter sprints. The parents would know they have given their child the best and that they did not fail the parenting role. Julian Savulescu believes that “they could have, who will have the best opportunity of having the best life”(par. 4). These genes will make the parents feel like they have been the best parents and gives the child confident that he/she is ready for the world. This will be a big stress reliever because parents can find peace knowing that they have given their child the best genes they possibly could. Psychologically, it will put the parent’s mind at ease as they bring up there child and the child will have no possible side effects of this procedure. This can be a relief to families with genetic diseases, as they don’t have to pass on their disease to there kids.Genetic diseases are passed down from generation to generation. They are inherited from the parents of the child. The most common disease is cystic fibrosis, it is inherited from the parents and mainly affects the lungs and digestive system.”Changing the fundamental blueprint of fathers’ sperm cells before conception could eliminate conditions such as cystic fibrosis in children” ( Fisher.par. 2), this will be a good as the child will not have problems. Which they have no control over because they are born with them. No parent would want their child to have any difficulty while growing up, as this can lead to many social problems such as bullying. Also, the child will also feel different than the other children and this can lead to many mental issues such as depression. The burden is put on the parents because they have to care more for there child and make sure that he or she does not feel left out society. This type of technology can also be implanted in animals. “Altered genes could also be implanted in animals so they grew organs suitable for human transplants.” (Fisher. Par. 2). Just like the babies are genetically changed, we can change animals and have them grow human organs. Which we can later on remove and transplant on to humans. There is already a human organ issue in China where peoples organs are being taken out without their permission.This can be a solution to finding donors because there are long lists of people waiting for a donor organ. This way organs will be readily available and will put an end to the list of people waiting for organs.  The idea of designer babies will have potential for society because it will create many new forms of diversity, definitely give the parents their perfect child and will stop genetic diseases from moving down generations. The idea to genetically design your child before it is even born will be a scary thought at first, but after learning the many benefits parents will be sure to take this route to design their child for its better future.