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Human Resource Management












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Various Practices of HR


The basic function of HR is to manage
employees, hire and train, motivate and compensate the employees. It forms a
proper system to help the organization run smoothly. It is one of the most
important functions which can make or break the organization. Multinational
companies focus a lot on human resource as they are the ones who work for the
company and keeping them happy is instrumental.

The HR department looks into various aspects
of an employee i.e. individual, organizational and career. Individual entails
indentifying their strengths and weaknesses and training them to be the best
for the organization. Organizational Development focuses on the larger picture
and develops the human resource overall and developing and maintaining strategies
and policies. Managing career
development entails matching individuals with the most suitable jobs and career
paths within the organization.

Resource Management studies the employees behavior and then uses this
information to compensate them and motivate them so get maximum results. Many
companies reward the employees for the work they do and tasks completed on time
to motivate them to work harder.

and firing is also an important aspect as they have to hire the right people
train them and see whether they are working well in the organization. If they aren’t
performing up to the mark then they can be trained. They also decide which employees
are no longer needed.

A lot of
companies have employee motivational programs, company picnics, training camps
and provide innovative and fun ways to engage the employees and keep them

Virgin Groups founder Richard Branson said that “People are our greatest asset” and “Clients do not come first. Employees come
first.” He believes that people the employees should set their own goals
and rewards and go to great lengths to achieve these and make them committed to
the company

apart from providing basic health checkups provide gym memberships; organize football
or other indoor games to keep their physical and mental state in order.

HR is
trying to make all parts of the organization more approachable for everyone as
to increase bottom to top level communication and to help understand the problems
of the employees and have their voices heard.

Newer and
more modern HR systems include transferring leave days to another employee, nap
time for employees, getting rid of job titles, paying them to quit, gifts and
other more hand on and personal incentives and rewards.

FedEx is
famous for delivery and customer service and their philosophy is People-Service-Profit.
They track employee relations and get valuable employee feedback and then the
management meets to discuss these results. This
allows problem assessment and resolution opportunities and provides an
efficient way to address problems.

Eileen Fisher is a
popular for its high-end customer service. Employees are trained to supply the
best customer service the industry has seen. It reward its employees for their
hard work and dedication, the company offers annual bonuses equaling up to four
weeks of earnings. Financial remuneration is also given for personal education
and health and wellness efforts. It sets the standard for creating happy
employees, and as a result, employee loyalty is at an all time high.