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Human resource management, the practice of recruiting, hiring, and managing an organizations employees is usually responsible for creating, practicing, and reviewing policies that govern workers and the relationships of the organizations employees (Rouse, 2017). The ultimate goal of Human Resource Management is to maximize its employees skills, and talents to best benefit the organization. There are many different career paths under the umbrella of human resource management, including but not limited to: Training and Development Manager, Employee Education Consultant, International Human Resources Professional, and Executive Recruiter. 
Training and Development Manager is a great career path for a prospective employee that has an interest and or love for teaching. Training and Development managers help mold employees to fit their organizations needs, they improve employees skills and abilities. A training and Development Manager must keep up with the new information and tactics that come from the ever-changing business world. They are responsible for relaying this information to employees in order to best enhance the business’s growth (Human Resource MBA, 2018). This is done by training employees in classes, workshops, and conferences. The training and Development Manager is in charge of leading and designing the most effective coursework that highlights the content that their employer wants and needs them to know, while keeping the training sessions entertaining, fun and informative. Training and Developing Managers report all information and data of employees collected during training programs to a Senior Manager of Training and Development (Cleverism, 2018). This direction in human resource management is a job for someone that has a lot of interpersonal skills and is a people person, they need to be comfortable with standing up in front of a large group and leading discussions to help their employees learn and improve their skills.
Similar to Training and Developing Manager, Employee Education Consultant is another carer that pertains to teaching in the Human Resource Management field. The tasks of a Employee Education Consultant are similar to those of a Training and Developing Manager. The similarities are that an Employee Educator Consultant holds workshops, classes, and conferences that are targeted to enhance employees skills and knowledge. However, Employee Education Consultants are not hired on a full time contract. Employee Education Consultants set their own hours which allows them to choose their clients and or companies that they want to do work for. The benefit of this is that a Employee Education consultant can pick work that they have a high interest in. Companies hire Employee Education Consultants on a retainer agreement, similar to a one-time contract (Human Resource MBA, 2018). They get paid in advanced for their work to be completed later. Again, a Employee Education Consultant has to have interpersonal skills and a creative and interesting approach to getting information across. They have to keep the companies employees peak interest on the information that they are displaying in order to enhance learning. 
An International Human Resource Professional engages in similar tasks that a national human resource professional engages in, but they get to experience a variety of cultures, people, languages, and countries while doing it. A International Human Resource Professional visits different countries and helps business with their employees. They help employees through the hiring process, along with training employees who are hired for a new position. Along with person-person employee training, International Human Resource Professionals help international organizations develop standards for their employees to meet (Human Resource MBA, 2018). International Human Resource is a field that pertains to people with an interest to travel, the ability to speak or learn to speak multiple languages and the willingness to work with a wide variety of people and cultures. The ability to adapt to new environments and situations is a beneficial trait for someone who is interested in the International Human Resource profession.    
Executive Recruiters is another professional career that falls into the category of Human Resource Management. Executive Recruiters are responsible for finding employees to fill positions/job openings for senior executives, vice presidents and CEOs of a company (Human Resource MBA, 2018). Similar to Employee Education Consultant, Executive Recruiters are also paid on retainers or in full after they have filled the position. These fees are generally known to be quite high, due to the fact that companies want the Executive Recruiter to find good senior talent (Human Resource MBA, 2018). It is important for an Executive Recruiter to be well liked by companies because when another position becomes available they are more likely to call them first to start the search for potential recruits to fill the open position. Executive Recruiters are able to contact employees from other companies  to try to see if they would be interested in the available position. To be an Executive Recruiter you have to be well liked by both the companies you are working for and the people you are trying to recruit, a personable, upbeat, and smooth talker would best fit this position. 
Training and Development Manager, Employee Education Consultant, International Human Resources Professional, and Executive Recruiter are all positions in Human Resource Management that help benefit companies and organizations. Training and Development Manager, and Employee Education Consultant are helping companies further educate their employees about the business world so that they are up to task with new advancements. International Human Resource Professionals are hiring and training new employees into the position they are hired for, along with developing basic employee standards for a company in a foreign country. Lastly, an Executive Recruiter is in search for the most qualified professional to fill opening positions to work for a companies CEO, vice president, and or senior executives. All four of these positions peak my interest, but I believe that the field most fitting for me would be a Training and Development Manager. Due to my ability to learn information quickly, I would be able to stay up to date on the ever-changing business world. In turn I would be able to teach that information to the companies employees in a way that is easy to learn and understand. I have a creative personality, and I am known to be a peoples person, which would allow me to create fun and interactive training sessions. There are many fields that fall under the umbrella of Human Resource Management and I believe with some extensive research anyone could find a position that pertains to their interests and personality traits.