HR of Omantel and its different sides. It critically

HR Right, Management Trend & Analysis Report at the Centre of the

(Strategic Management – Long Case Assignment)

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Omantel is the first and prominent integrated telecommunications
services provider in Oman, aiding the digital society to flourish, allowing new
ways of doing business while delivering a world of information and
entertainment right to your fingertips. The mission statement of the company
says it woks fulfill all communications needs of customers and attract and
develop talent in a team-oriented environment. Omantel has been a strong
presence in the field of telecommunications in Oman since 1970. The company has
become the fore runner in the industry and this achievement is possible now
after the firm has had strived to connect the people from far remote areas to
each other and to the remaining part of the globe. Omantel has been a leading
player in Oman’s progress and national development for the last four and half


This assignment examines the strategic management of Omantel and its
different sides. It critically analyses the company’s success strategies,
strategic implementation in terms of HR strategy and strategic innovative positioning.
It also put forth recommendation for the organization’s sustainable social
responsibilities in Oman.


Critical Analysis of Omantel’s Success

Gregory, Lumpkin and Marilyn (2005) rightly
said that strategy is the course and chance of a firm over the long term, which
achieves advantage in a changing environment. Every business firm has this
action plan that is formed to gain an
upper hand over its rival (Dess, Gregory G., G.T. Lumpkin and Marilyn L. Taylor,
2005). Competitive strategies are vital to firms competing in markets that are heavily saturated with alternatives for
consumers. Here, the strategic choice of Omantel is being examined as an
example in the strategic management.

Technological Management

There an immense importance for technology
management for an organization. It is valuable for the company and at the same
time it gives value to the customers. Technology management tells the firm when
to invest on technology development and when not to. In the context of Omantel,
technology has a wide range of potential effects on management. First of all,
it helps Omantel to reduce costs of operations to sell new products. In some occasions,
Omantel can establish new market for its special products which are meant for
the basic cluster of customers. By being adapted to the new technology, Omantel
is in a position to be fit for adaptation to changes in scale and format
with an Improved customer service. Technological advancements ranging from fast
evolving device ecosystems to more digitalized networks, have enabled
consumption of data at enormous volumes and speeds. To cope up with the
exploding data demand, Omantel is also undertaking persistent capex spending on
network and technology up gradation. These trends, coupled with heightened
regulatory pressures on pricing, coverage, quality, and shrinking growth
potential due to market saturation etc., has made it difficult for the
operators to maintain their historic growth trajectory as experienced a decade

According to Chen et al. (2008), technology is one of
the most significant forces affecting business competition. He pointed out that
the structure in an existing industry can be changed by technology. It is also
a great tool to revitalize the business. Since technology is such a vital
force, the field of technology management has become a field to deal. Technology
management is the set of strategies and practices that influence technologies
to build, maintain, and enhance the competitive advantage of the firm on the
basis of exclusive knowledge and know-how.


Financial Management means planning,
organizing, directing and controlling the financial activities such as
procurement and utilization of funds of the enterprise (Bangash, M. Y. H. 2009).
It means implementing general management principles to financial resources of
the enterprise. For Omantel, the financial management is generally concerned
with procurement, allocation and control of financial resources. The objectives
can be as follow:

make sure regular and suitable supply of funds to the concern.
make sure adequate returns to the shareholders which will depend upon the
earning capacity, market price of the share, expectations of the
make sure optimum funds utilization. Once the funds are procured, they
should be utilized in maximum possible way at least cost.
make sure safety on investment, i.e., funds should be invested in safe
ventures so that adequate rate of return can be achieved.
To design a comprehensive capital structure-A healthy balance between
debt and equity can be achieved when a design for comprehensive capital
structure is made.   Financial Management has to do with many key
functions. These include estimation of capital requirements, determination
of capital composition, choice of sources of funds, investments of funds,
disposal of surplus, management of cash, financial controls etc.


Risk Management


Risk is intrinsic to doing business. Empirical
evidences showing that half of small and medium-sized enterprises are closed
down before completing their fifth year, it is clear that operating a business
can be a risky work. So, the risk management becomes a thing of utmost
importance. The value of making an explicit commitment to implementing risk
management as a core value is much for Omantel. The leaders of Omantel, risk
management is an essential business activity. When these organizational
objectives set for Omantel, its managing risk capacity will be enhanced greatly
and it will lead to the production of high quality products o services. 


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