However, are two successful innovations nowadays, the invention of

However, for
the success of the invention, good management of the risks of both inventions
are very good. The risks that inventions often face are uncertainty about the
market. Uncertainty about the market can be seen as a reference to the size and
growth of the market for new products. When Apple introduced the invention of
personal computer products, they did not have much knowledge about the
potential market. However, most market forecasts for new products are based on
extrapolation or simulation based on past data. Apple has used the prediction
experience of experts through Delphi techniques. In addition, Apple is keen to
respond to the emerging trend while also controlling the market’s

inventions have different characteristics, patent protection has different
effects. Implementing patent laws can help followers follow the lead in
imitation of the market but the lead time tends to be smaller (Grant & Jordan, 2015).

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One of the
key determinants of the success of the invention is that the additional
resources are specialized or not specialized.

In addition,
the success of both inventions is due to the resources and capabilities needed
to finance, produce, and market innovations. These are additional resources
needed. Both inventions quickly brought their products to market due to
relatively complementary resources such as production, distribution and
marketing. Some of Chester Carlson’s innovations have invented xerography but
can not be marketed for many years because of the lack of additional resources
needed to develop such as production, distribution and necessary conditions for
his invention.

registration for these inventions was also made to identify the trademark for
the product. The product will have legal protection (Castro, 2015).

ownership of inventions is also one of the reasons for the invention’s success.
The British Parliament passed a monopoly charter in 1623, which was the basis
of patent law. Since then, the law has been extended to some areas of
intellectual property. Both of these inventions are patented exclusively for
new designs. Both inventions are patented for novelty and utility.




There are
two successful innovations nowadays, the invention of personal computers from
Apple and Xerox, and later personal computer innovators such as Compaq, Acer,
and Toshiba. These are two inventions in the technology industry that are
currently very successful and their inventions are still widely used. However,
the difference between the two is that Apple and Xerox are the inventors of the
leader and the following personal computer innovators such as Compaq, Acer and
Toshiba are followers. These are the most fundamental differences of the two
inventions. However, the success of the two inventions has many reasons. The
first reason to mention is the profit. Both inventions have made relatively
good profits. However, the innovations of Compaq, Acer and Toshiba gained more
profit by implementing better improvements, better meet the needs of users. (Grant
and Jordan, 2015)