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How has Microsoft used enterprise and innovation?Microsoft has been innovate in the past as they have made computing easier, more effective and user friendly to use. The introduction of its Windows operating system has lead the business to be the head of the PC market, having over 90% market share, its profits have also increased significantly after the introduction of windows. Microsoft has also influenced demand  as Windows has caused computers to be a part of daily life, Windows has also benefited companies as it has improved how they operate, such as working has been more faster and effective. Microsoft has also influenced demand as PCs are becoming more of a need, especially for workers. Microsoft are currently updating their current operating systems for security and are developing and licensing computers, electronics for computers and services like the Microsoft Office. Microsoft is also innovative as it adds value to its current services and products, such as the Office Delve, which is an extension for Microsoft Office, which uses machine learning techniques to improve how the user accesses their documents in a more effective way, as it makes it quicker for the user to access the more relevant documents. The Skype translator is an addition to Skype, which translates messages while the user talks, this is innovative as it makes communication more effective as people can now talk more effectively to people from other countries or those who have language differences, this also benefits organizations and companies as they can communicate more effectively globally, which improves how they manage its environment especially the technological factors and possibly can give businesses a competitive advantage in terms of customer relationships via technology as language barriers won’t be an issue as the user can speak their own language as the program will translate it so the other user will understand.The risks that are associated with Windows and its services is that competitors can provide similar services and innovations or alternate substitutes, such as Apple’s Mac OS has similar services to Windows and Google, such as the Google Drive can be an alternative to Microsoft’s OneDrive or Cloud storage. Another risk that is associated with Windows and its services is that the customers or the user of the product may not like it, such as problems in the software. Microsoft responds to that issue by having questionnaires about their services on their website and they also send regular updates on performance improvements and security through Windows store or Windows Update. Another risk that is associated with innovation is ethical and cultural matters as these can greatly influence how the new innovation comes to the market, such as it can negatively influence the demand of the product if it goes against ethical or cultural traditions. Microsoft also has to consider the process and how the product would be put into place, such as interruptions that can occur and that can influence the quality of the product.Innovative and enterprising products can require a lot of investments, such as Microsoft invested over $ 1 billion for cyber security and this can be a risk for the business as it can impact on how the business maintains its operation, such as Microsoft has to ensure that they will have enough money to maintain the business as well as to invest on the innovative/ enterprising product. It will also impact on how Microsoft achieve its aims and objectives, such as will Microsoft have enough money to maintain operation and to fulfil its other objectives, e.g Xbox gaming, therefore it will impact on how the business achieves its purpose and its success.Microsoft’s innovation, Windows and its services has changed the market as the introduction for Windows has made computers more user friendly and more useful, it also influences demand as Windows has significantly increased the demand for computers, such as computers have become a part of daily life and everyone, even someone who is completely new can now use a computer effectively, whereas computers before windows, which were DOS (Disk Operating Systems) were difficult to use as the user had to have coding knowledge as computers before windows were not user friendly and to use it effectively or to even do something you had to use command lines and the market before windows was mainly composed of DOSs. Windows has increased demand for computers as everyone can use it and has become an aspiration, they can use it effectively, without coding knowledge. It has also improved communication a lot, such as emails. Windows has enabled Microsoft to manage its environment effectively as it has fulfilled the needs and especially the social and technological factors.In order for Microsoft to be viable with Windows and its services, it will need to ensure that the product or service follows the operational and commercial requirements, such as the health and safety laws as if they don’t then they will be in risk of legal actions, such as lawsuits, which will impact on how they manage its environment, how they achieve their aims and objectives, its profits and overall how successful Microsoft is.Microsoft’s Windows operating system has changed the market as it has increased the demand for computers and that it has caused computers to be a part of our daily life as Microsoft has made computers more user friendly and easier to use, Windows has also introduced new things that make computers more useful, such as services like Microsoft Office and Microsoft has made it so that computers become part of our careers as computers have been more useful, such as communications etc. The computer market consists mostly of Windows operating computers.Microsoft has been successful at using innovation as it has made the business more successful at achieving its aims and objectives, such as making computers more user friendly, it has also enabled the business to manage its environment more effectively, such as the technological and social factors as there is more money spent on computers. It has also assisted Microsoft to maintain and increase its market share as the innovation of Windows has enabled the business to hold over 90% of the market share, which makes Microsoft the market leader. Microsoft has successfully used innovation as Windows and its services have significantly improved technology especially computers and the way that we work and how we communicate. Windows and its services has also improved the operation of businesses as they can access data more readily and quickly and can improve productivity.Microsoft has been successful at using enterprise as it has made its products and services and the business more successful as it has improved how Microsoft achieves its purpose, such as the touchless interaction and not just for computers but for areas outside of computing, such as health care as the touchless interaction lets doctors examine images and samples without contaminating them, which improves the operation of healthcare. The use of enterprise has also aided Microsoft manage its environment more effectively as the use of enterprise has enabled the business to fulfil the needs, such as the hands free keyboard is good for those who cannot use the physical keyboard, due to injury or physical disabilities. Microsoft is also successful at enterprise as most of its products show lateral and blue sky thinking such as the HoloLens, which are mixed reality sunglasses and this idea of implementing mixed reality into sunglasses is unique, the surface hub, which is a large interactive whiteboard that has multi-touch,  multi-pen and motion sensing capabilities, also has Windows 10 implemented shows lateral thinking as the idea of an interactive whiteboard that does not require an external PC and can have motion sensing and multi touch capability is unique.