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How This Class Has Improved My Writing Skills In the beginning of the year, my writing skills were pretty poor. I was not getting good grades on any of the papers I had written. Mainly I needed help in the areas such as organizing my thoughts and putting them down on the paper in order, using run-on sentences entirely too much, and using MLA format correctly. I worked on all of these skills every time I tried to write a paper as the semester went by. To improve my essay writing skills, I wrote as much as I could. Even though I didn’t have any essay assignments, I wrote in my journal. I wrote down my thoughts. I composed letters. When I did have essay assignments in college, I took them seriously. I devoted the time and true mental effort to write the best that I could. And each time after I’ve finished an essay, I made sure I took the time to edit my own work and correct any mistakes I’ve made and caught on my own. These mistakes might be grammatical or mere spelling errors. Regardless, they still need to be checked.


In addition, I made a true effort when it came to my essays. I chose topics that not only made sense but also were interesting. Outlines became my best friends; they allowed me to have a clear vision of my writing’s direction. It’s easy to lose sight of the topic when writing. Outlines helped me keep my focus and my essays straightforward. Another thing that I took seriously was research. I researched every topic I ever wrote on with interest and intent. You can easily read when someone’s made up something on an essay. Researching my topics well allowed me to write with ease given the knowledge and even possibly expertise that comes about with researching any topics. Finally, the most important thing I did to improve my essay writing skills was to have my work critiqued. At first, it wasn’t always easy to accept criticism of my work, but it helped to have a second or third set of eyes read through my essays before I turned them in for grading. It allowed me to see my writing from other people’s perspectives and also see how I could improve based on what other people believed to need improvements.

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