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How to stick with good habits even when your willpower is gone willpower is the part inside everyone that is responsible for the decision making: whether to do it or not. whenever there is a need for an action that does not enter into our habits or contradicts our inner desires and convictions we will use willpower. To learn any new habit we need motivation or willpower. For example if youre trying to lose weight then burgers are very tempting to you but you dont it because its against your diet plan. It is difficult to learn any new habit and it gets more difficult if you have low willpower. Here we have some recommendations on how to stick with good habits even when your willpower is gone- create favorable environment if you will surround yourself with junk and unhealthy food then definitely you will eat it. It is important that unconsciously keep everything around you healthy things like dont bring chocolates or food to your desk etc. Keep healthy things invisible area like around the kitchen refrigerator and unhealthy things in lower shelves that you rarely open. Keep water always in the visible area. 1- organize your routine plan your routine daily; make a promise to yourself to do what you have decided. If you decide to go to the gym after than keep your gym clothes on bed before leaving for work. Dont keep any unfinished business unless it is urgent. Dont make unrealistic goals dont make promises to yourself that you cannot even start. If you are trying to lose weight dont think of losing 15-kilograms altogether. Start with small numbers like 3-4 kilograms. So even if you are feeling low and you see the positive result you will definitely follow it next day. Look for the brighter side dont think everything negative. If you failed in one area may be you have succeeded in another area. Even if it is a tiny victory enjoy it and keep yourself motivated. Stress less dont think about every situation you will not even fall in. Stress is directly related to decision-making and self-control. To control stress try to change the environment take a small break from work go to parks and relax. Think of the future even when you are tired think of the outcome you will get from this work. Think of the success and feel the happiness. There is a famous proverb live in this world do well in this world but strive for a better world. Every morning find something that can make you happy. To develop willpower eat healthy food do meditation yoga do what you love to do and take good sleep.