Hollywood and are in the limelight of the most

is the symbol of America’s film industry. Hollywood was established in the big
city of Los Angeles, California were dreams come true. Films that have won
Oscar’s and Emmy awards are made in Hollywood, and makes it well known around
the globe. In the country of India, they call their film industry Bollywood.
This is an expression of the Hindi Language Film Industry, were their films are
made. Bollywood, is not an actual place, it’s a term that’s used for their film

and Hollywood are mainstream and are in the limelight of the most prosperous
business around the globe. Hollywood is universal and Bollywood is crowd
pleasing in the eastern part of the globe. Bollywood is starting to mainstream
in the western countries, along with the United States. People have always
corresponded the name Hollywood with successful American film making. While Bollywood
is a major connection of the India film industry. Bollywood and Hollywood are
entirely specific to the audiences that they entertain and they can’t compare
to each other to have the same kinds of viewers. They also have many aspects
that you can compare that’s makes them two unique industries.

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film production, screen writing, pre-production, post production, film
festivals, film crew production, distribution, film directors, film studios,
film production companies, and cinematography are all parts of the film
industry which makes this an enormous industry to be a part of. Film making has
many tasks for people to be responsible for while making a single film. Simple
things like the lighting, clean up, and even the task of ordering food for the
cast are all parts of making any film. In the film industry they have the
largest profit every fiscal year. In the film industry their bringing in over
millions of dollars, which makes the industry have the best turn over in any
business out there.

the city of Los Angeles, California it’s a heavily populated city. California
is like the capital for the film industry. There is an average of 22,193 in
California per square mile. California made records for being the seventh most crowded
city in Los Angeles County. The film industry has increased the neighborhood population,
because it was once a small community setting. The city has become a hot spot
to visit as a tourist. The city has all kinds of tourist spots to visit,
studios, and many celebrity homes are in plain view for anyone to see, the sidewalks
are momentous, because they have various celebrities names carved into stars
down the walkways.

cinema has been in existence since digital film better known as, “Motion
Capture”, In 1894, New York city presented the first worlds motion picture
production. By the 1900’s Hollywood was seen as the capitol of cinema or film
production. The director, D.W. Griffith filmed a movie on an empty lot which
made this one of the reason Hollywood became the capitol of cinema. He was sent
to do the film by the Biograph Company. Countries around the globe has grown
fond of what called, Hollywood today because of the multitude of films produced

animation, phenomenal graphics, and the diverse storylines are far more
advanced than any other cities, courtiers, or states producing films, Hollywood
produces a variety of entertaining styles for people to view such as: musical,
and films that have a variety of languages from around the globe.

Hindi Language Film Industry is a simple phrase that is used to identify, what
is known as Bollywood. Assamese, Marathi, Telugu, and Gujarati cinemas are all
a part of the Hindi Language Industry. Bollywood only plays a small role of the
Indian Cinema, Bollywood is just a phrase that for the Hindi films that are
made, unlike Hollywood that is an actual city, Indian Cinema was started around
the year 1913.

 The idea came about when Bombay, which is
present day Mumbai, and Hollywood was put together to create the phrase
Bollywood in the essence of Hindi films. The first letter in Bombay was used,
minus the H in Hollywood to create they name Bollywood. Everyone thinks that Bollywood
was an inspiration of Hollywood, but actually the inspiration from West Bengal’s
cinema Tollywood. Bengal Film Industry which is located in Tollygunge, Calcutta
which used to be Kolkata, and The American Hollywood was the foundation of the
idea of the phrase Tollywood.

has produced over 1,000 movies each fiscal year to become the biggest film
producer around the globe. Bollywood is right after the country of Nigeria in
film production. Bollywood has become known to not only produce film, but also love
stories, dance, and musicals. It has stayed to the tradition that made
Bollywood world widely known by keeping dance and music in all their film
productions. Bollywood also produces a wide variety of music. The most popular
type of songs that are produced, are love songs. The love songs deal with
familiar feelings when a person is in love, then gets separated, and get
reunited again. Then the love finally is fulfilled through being reunited. They
also made communistic songs, sociability songs, and religious songs. Bollywood
songs were often use as tools to offer imaginary storylines and plots. They
also were used channel and portray the intimate feelings of a charter. Singers,
male and female, sung in humble high-pitch harmony.

songs are mostly sung by couples, they sing as a duo. There is lots of dancing,
while the film is in production throughout the film. They are ballroom dancing,
and the main actors of the film stare romantically at one another with bedroom
eyes. The background dancers dance very sensually. They sway their hips back
and forth, swing they arms very sensual, shaking they head slowly back and
forth, and winding their shoulders in a sexy way.

Bollywood films they use playback singers. They singers are mostly Christian or
religious singers. They perform on the soundtracks and but not in the films. The
catch is that the music is being lip sync or they mimic the words to the song.  This is the process the way the films are
directed and produced. They songs are recorded before the films are recorded. So
after the soundtrack are recorded they go back and have the actors lip sync the
words of the song while filming the film. India’s artists weren’t well know, because
they didn’t receive any credit from the films their music were featured

actors would be didn’t want to upset their audience, so they don’t reveal who
the singing artist really are. The artists are never acknowledged at all. The
directors forbid the publication of the singer’s names, so the audience won’t
feel betrayed or the film industry won’t lose money for being dishonest as
well. By the year 1947 India became independent. This allowed them to be able
to give credit and publicizes the names of the playback artist. This allowed
playback artists to get record deals and their songs acknowledged that they
were the ones singing their music.

has mixed emotion from the audiences. Some say that dance and music kills the
storyline, while other believe that dance and music bring life to the story
lines while enjoying the exquisite taste in music with scenery. Unlike most
Hollywood films, Bollywood films were extended films that exceeded over the
span of 3 hours at a time.

have recently shortened the films to about 2 to 2 ½ hours at a time. The music
and songs have also had to take a decrease in numbers. The numbers went from 7-8
to about 5-6 at a minimum. Bollywood became famous for the love and romance story
lines. The producers, writers, and directors want to try and switch things up to
more adventurous and action pact films for a newer audience.

 Unfortunately the films still have majority
love and romance in the films because that’s what the viewers were used to, The
switch to other variety of films, weren’t as successful as the romantic and
love story lines. Bollywood has expanded to make films in the English language
and not just the Hindi language.

today most of the studios still exist in the city of Hollywood… There has
been a significate change with film and production in the city of Hollywood. Most
studios have recently relocated in the city district of Los Angeles.  Paramount Studios is the only studio that
hasn’t left the city of Hollywood. The other subsidiaries that stayed besides
Paramount studios were, film editing, post production, props, lighting, effects

companies started to relocate, because the cost of film making started to rise
over the years. Film budgets are made up by the filmmaker, unit production
manager, or the line producer. This document is prepared for review to be
approved for the budget for any film project. This lengthy document, about 140
pages, is prepared to assure that the finances are available for preproduction
and production of the film. The only films that are low budget are, independent
films. These films are made by inexperienced filmmakers, or film makers that
are now well known. They are made on the mainstream circuit. The budget has
started to rise, because the new technology of film making makes it harder to
film a movie. The DSLR cameras, this equipment captures high quality images
that are unimaginable. The works digital imaging has streamlined the way
filmmaking used to be.

 This takes away development and duplication
processing time, which saves in the budget in filmmaking.  The cost has plunged, because of technology.
Technology has changes the way movies were being made. There are a number of
other reasons why production costs are still making the budget high.

set has to have certain effects and designs that may be very pricy. When the
film has explosives or scenes that have things that have big explosions the
cost starts to rise again. The raw martial, and regulation that have to be
followed also sends the budget soaring up. The stunt doubles and visual effects
sends the cost up even more.

budget can go over a million dollars very fast. Actors, stunt double, and
various staff may have to work on a film for months at a time which send the
cost of the budget up. Films who have marking for the film, this helps add
about 50% in additional to that films budget. Hollywood hits requires a huge
amount of crew members, and equipment. The film industry contributes over a $100
billion dollars in employee wages to the economy of film making every year.  

compare Hollywood to Bollywood would be easy to see the differences between the
two. Hollywood is a physical place in the city of Los Angles, whereas Bollywood
is only a term to describe a Hindi film industry. Hollywood originates from American
cinema, and Bollywood originates from the small part in India that produces
Hindi films. Hollywood was created in the later part of the 1800’s. Bollywood
was created in the 1900’s. The languages that are used throughout the films in
Bollywood are mostly Hindi and some other languages. Whereas in Hollywood the
language varies from film to film.

annual production of films produced each fiscal year is greater in Bollywood.
Bollywood produces about 1,200 films per year. Hollywood only produces about
500 a year. Seeing that Hollywood only produces about 500 films, they are the
highest mainstreaming industry around the globe. Whereas Bollywood ranks in at
number three of the highest mainstreaming industries around the globe.

story lines for both are similar and different. Bollywood’s films incorporate
romance or love plots in all the films, and have more complicated plots with a
variety of topics. Hollywood on the other hand, depends on who and what the
writer want the audience to experience. The films have some complicated story
plots and action plots as well.

length of movies are crucial to all audiences. Films should be entertaining and
never to lengthy, were the audience gets bored of what they came to view on
screen. Bollywood tends to go overboard, the films last from 2-3 hours in length.
Hollywood films are short and to the point, 1-1 ½ hours long.

likes to incorporate dance and music in all the films they produce, no matter
what. Their interpretation is that music and dance keeps the movie fresh and
exciting so that the audience doesn’t want to leave. Hollywood thinks that to
get depth within a film, music should be incorporated in the background. Hollywood
only incorporates dance and music in musical productions.

to compare powerful film industries can be very difficult and what measures to
take when trying to compare two industries. It’s hard in the sense that the two
industries have two very different kinds of audiences that watch the films that
are being produced by both industries. They both were founded in two different
ways, which also has no comparison for the two. The two both have very
different types of revenue, along with the kinds of film production as well.

has crushed every film industry thus far, and still is the number one film
industry around the globe, it gained the reputation that is has from producing
amazing and unforgettable films that are viewed in countries all over the
world. Whereas Bollywood is making progress in the reputation department. They
have grown recognition over the year and they came in number three as a
prominent film industry.

films are produced in a magnitude of large numbers, which makes them easily to be
international. Wear as in India everyone is not an audience for films that
incorporates love, music, and religious aspects in every film. So the Indian
audiences get different perspectives when watching films that are made in their
country. The two are still hard to compare, because how do you compare if the audiences
is targets films in different perspectives of areas of content.

safe to say that every country makes their movies for the ardencies that are
populating the cinema. The categories are more environmental and culture
motivated in India, than in America. Hollywood movies rely heavily on making
films about war, spies, science, drama, and technology. Hollywood movies would
seldomly have movies that are motivated by corruption, poverty, and contain 5-7
songs in the movie.

is gaining more countries that are starting to view their films. Hollywood or
Bollywood which is better? Only the person who is viewing the film can answer
that question, because it’s all about preference in what you like to watch.