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Holes – ReviewIntroductionHave you ever dreamt of a place where you dig holes all day in the hot sun? Well, that is what you do at Camp Green Lake to make bad boys, good boys. Holes is a movie released in april 2003 and is directed and produced by Andrew Davies. It is an American adventure comedy movie based on the 1998 eponymous novel by Louis Sachar. The movie is produced by Walt Disney Pictures and lasts for 117 minutes. Stanley Yelnats IV lives in a small town where he always seems to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. He lives in a small house with his mom, dad and grandfather. The main place is a desert, far far away from anything. There is no rain, only the hot sun and some mean leaders. Mr. Sir, Dr. Kiowa Pendanski and the warden Louise Walker, but Stanley also made some friends. They were not very nice in the beginning, but they worked it out. The leader of the tent they lived in was Theodore. The other guys in the tent was Rex, Alan, Jose, Ricky and Hector Zeroni. Hector was the only one they did not care about. The main characters is Stanley Yelnats IV and Hector Zeroni. The theme is if you stay together, it will make you strong. The movie starts off with Stanley just taking a walk before he suddenly gets a pair of shoes that fell from the sky, right on top of his head. He hears the police siren approaching and gets scared and starts to run with the shoes in his hands. But, the police officer catches him and Stanley gets a choice. Go to jail or go to Camp Green Lake. I guess he kinda believed that Camp Green Lake would be a nice place with lots of water and good guys working and having fun, but he was wrong. Main bodyI find this movie interesting. The main part was a little boring, because everything happened at the same places for a long period, but the actors made me believe that the story was real, because they played their roles well. The story was structured well. They timed the throwbacks with the present time and the dialog between the people was good. They talked to each other with good empathy that took your attention. I think the movie is good. It is a lot of fun scenes, funny arguments and cool stunts.