History genre of disco. The song is I Will

History Of Rock And Roll Chuck Berry was a rock and roll artist. He was responsible for hit songs like Johnny B. Goode, Roll over Beethoven, and You Can Never Tell. He is considered to be the father of rock and roll which is his biggest contribution to music. His lyrics focused on teen life and consumerism. Chuck Berries full name is Charles Edward Anderson Berry. An interesting fact about him is that when he was in high school, he was convicted of armed robbery and sent to reformatory for three years. Chuck Berry recently died as of March 18, 2017. Neil Young, a folk rock artist contributed to the world of music by founding the band Buffalo Springfield. The band was a huge success that many people enjoyed. He is responsible for songs such as Heart Of Gold, Old Man, and Rockin in the free world. These are just a few of Neil Young’s hits. Neil is also still active with performances and music to this day continuing to inspire and change the world. Green Day, a punk rock band that originated from Berkely, California has received two grammys. Their most popular songs are Basket Case, Wake me up when september ends, and Boulevard of broken dreams. They are important to punk rock because they continue to keep it alive today with their up to date performances. Disco music was a revolutionary genre in the late 70’s and 80’s. One of the most popular artists in the genre is Gloria Gaynor. She impacted disco by producing the first number one billboard hit being the genre of disco. The song is I Will Survive. She has also contributed many songs into the genre such as; I am what I am and Never can say goodbye. Her songs gave people hope and inspiration. I chose Gloria Gaynor because, I will survive is one of my favorite songs ever. Heavy Metal is not as popular as it used to be. But because of Korn, the genre continues to live. The band has been actively producing music since 1993. They’re most notable contribution is keeping the dying genre alive because the world is currently dominated with pop, rap and country. Korn’s biggest hits are Here to stay, Love and meth, Clown, and Get up. I chose this band because I enjoy heavy metal and appreciate these bands that keep the genre alive. Rap is a genre of music that has evolved over many years. Eminem is a rap artist. He has many hit songs; Rap god, lose yourself, not afraid, and monsters. I chose eminem because as a child he was the only person i’d listen to. Glam Rock is known for its girlish styles. David Bowie is one of the most successful artists in the genre. He contributed to the genre by not being afraid of people judgements and insults because of his unusual style. This let people be unafraid of the public which allowed the genre to strive. His notable songs; Space oddity, Heroes, Under pressure, and Lets dance. I chose him because I like his view on the world of how he doesnt care how he is perceived. The blues is a very old style of music. Muddy Waters, a artist in the genre was born April 4, 1913 in Mississippi. He is often cited as the father of modern chicago blues. Electric Mud and Hard Again are some of his most popular albums. His biggest contribution is creating the blues as he is the father of the genre. Muddy Waters was unique to the genre because he was the first to experiment with the genre. Muddy Waters had huge success when in 1960 he performed at the Newport Jazz Festival because we would later be nominated for a grammy award. Muddy was inspired to create music when he would listen to artists such as Robert Johnson and Son House as a kid growing up. One of the most successful new wave artists was Blondie. They got their fame when in 1979 they released a soon to be No. 1 hit “Heart Of Glass.” They contributed to the history of rock and roll because they had songs in many different genres that progressed the evolution of music. Blondies biggest hits were Dreaming, One way or another, Call me, and Heart of glass. Of course the band had many other popular songs but these are the most notable. I chose this band because they have some of my favorite rock and roll songs. Bob Dylan is hands down the most known folk rock artist. His reign began back in 1962 with the release of Blowin in the wind. Her is important to rock and roll because he gave people a genre that was full of compromises. He could appease rock and folk fans all at the same time with folk rock. His most prominent songs are Like a rolling stone, Blowin in the wind, Things have changed, and Forever young.Sources: biography.com      nytimes.com