Historically, that they invest heavily in trade which means

Historically, the role of the United States in the global economy because they dominate the global economy. The United States also contributes 1/3 of the world’s entire output. In 2002, the United States exceeded 10 trillion dollars in GDP which is greater than the next five countries combined. The role of the U.S in present day is that they invest heavily in trade which means that the U.S buys more than what they on developing countries like Malaysia. However, trade GDP has dropped 50% since 2002.  They also try economic sanctions on countries like Iran and North Korea due to their actions that they have done. The future of the United States is that they will grow more in trade, while using economic sanctions as a means to political action.  Countries that are trying to contribute to the global economy by trading with other countries like the U.S. They also try to come up with new ideas with things like clean energy to help their economy. A country that is trying to change its economic system is the United Kingdom because they are leaving the European Union. After they leave, the U.K. will be able to have more control on trade regulations, and they would have more freedom on how they trade. Countries that are trying to plan for the future is how they are able to keep rising with things like trade which help the global economy rise as well. Another example is Brexit because the United Kingdom is trying to prepare its future in the global economy by leaving the European Union, so that they could have more trade options and less regulations. Ways that countries are trying to attack the growth of the global economy is by challenging the WTO, which helps with things like trade disputes, which has failed to even make a roadmap of how they can solve these problems. They are also challenging the growth by protests which apparently has made the WTO meetings soiled. Countries also try to use economic sanctions on other countries when they decide to start using aggressive force on other countries, or threaten to nuke others, like the U.S has trade sanctions against six other countries like North Korea, or Iran, which disrupts trade which negatively impacts the global economy. They also try to attack personal growth by refusing to participate in things like the WTO, or they try to restrict trade with other countries. My prediction for what I think that the global economy is going to look like in 25 years is that trade is going to decline because of countries continuing to threaten with each other. However, I also think that Africa is going to keep rising in the global economy because they have much that they can trade that is no where else. I also think that the Brexit deal is going to fail because I think that other countries especially the European ones aren’t going to give the U.K very many trade deals for leaving the E.U.