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His name was later changed to Harry Houdini. The inspiration for this name came from his idol, Robert Houdin. He altered this name by simply adding an i at the end. Like that a star was born. When he was 17 years of age he left his family once again to purse a career in magic. He quickly gained fame by escaping police handcuffs and other restraints. He was even popular enough that prison wardens hired him to test the security of their prisons. He was later given certificates for escaping those prison. Once his name was made in the US he toured Europe. His next big act was escaping straight jackets upside down. But in reality, the magic in all of this is a lack of anatomical knowledge. As a person is hanging upside down their torso is stretched. This made it easier for Harry to escape. All that magic is, is just an illusion. He was able to escape handcuffs by hiding many different key on his body. Again an illusion. The true magic in all of this is the sense of wonder. The sense of not knowing how the magician did it. The sheer look of wonder in a young child’s eyes. Over time Harry Houdini’s dream was finally fulfilled. His dream was to have a full show that was purely dedicated to his magic tricks. One may not know this but, Harry did not limit his talents to magic. He also acted and starred in his own film laboratory, “The Film Development Corporation”. You could say that Harry Houdini was a man of many trades and interests. He has also been known to shown on interest in aviation. In fact, he was the first person to fly over Australian soil. A few years later Harry would even receive a star on the walk of fame in Hollywood.Harry Houdini was also able to expose the lies that mediums were telling their customers. His specific skill set allowed him to debunk many things that science and academics simply could not. He was the marvel of his time. Harry Houdini proclaimed that he could withstand any punch to the abdomen. While he was dressing for his show he was approached by two college students. They asked if the rumor was true. He simply stated that “I can, I just need a moment to brace myself”. The college student, J. Gordon Whitehead, assumed that he was ready then proceed to strike Harry in the gut four times. Harry later realized that something was dearly wrong with his body. He continued to perform throughout the rest of the night in excruciating pain. He put himself through hell the next 2 days before seeking medical attention. When he was examined he was shown to have a 102 degree fever and acute appendicitis. He was to be rushed into emergency surgery but refused. The show must go on. As he was performing on stage his symptoms continued to get worse and worse. At one point he told his assistants to close the curtain, the show is over. Once the curtain did close his body finally gave way. He was then carried to his dressing room where he still refused medical help. At this point his fever had risen to 104 degrees. His wife finally convinced him to seek help the next morning. But, by this point it was too late. His appendix was removed but had already ruptured. The doctors had very little hope. On October 31, 1926 he finally passed away surrounded by his wife and brother. His funeral was later held in New York. Some 2,000 people attended his funeral. His wife later died in 1943. She requested that she not be buried next to her husband because of the fact that she was not of Jewish descent. In conclusion, magic is simply an illusion. Harry Houdini had a hard life. He was born into a large family and had to work in order for the family to survive. He finally found his passion and chased relentlessly after it. He caught his dream. He refused to let his audience down. He performed in front of hundreds of people in order to fulfill their desire for illusion. He tried to make these people happy till his body told him no more.