Hiro Callaghan advises that he should not. Professor Callaghan

Hiro Hamada is a 14-year-old, protagonist of Disney’s movie Big Hero 6, as well and an intellectual prodigy. He graduated high school at the age of 13. He has a brother named Tadashi, who was also his best friend. He supposedly spent alot of time attending illegal underground “bot fights”, which Tadashi heavily disapproved. One evening, Tadashi offers to take Hiro to a bot fight, but instead takes him to the Institute of Technology. After meeting the professor and some of Tadashi’s fellow colleagues, Hiro becomes very excited and wishes to enroll at the Institute. He attended a convention, displaying his “microbots” (tiny robots controlled by your mind) to attempt at being accepted into the institute. After his presentation, Alistair Krei, CEO of a large technology company, offers to buy his microbots, but Hiro refuses when Professor Callaghan advises that he should not. Professor Callaghan then congratulates Hiro, as he was accepted into the Institute. Afterwards, while Hiro and Tadashi are talking alone outside, the Institute’s fire alarm goes off, and the 2 brothers rush to the scene. Tadashi realizes that Professor Callaghan is still inside the building and rushes inside, only to be killed by an explosion. After the funeral, Hiro finds his microbots missing and, with the assistance of Baymax, follows his single remaining micro-bot to try and locate the rest. In a supposedly empty storage room, he encounters Yokai, controlling the microbots. Hiro quickly figures out that the fire was intentionally set by whoever is controlling the bots, and, with the help of his new friends, avenges Tadashi’s death. Why is he an anti-hero? Hiro Hamada is an anti-hero because he performed many heroic deeds, such as trying to save his city from Yokai, while at the same time avenging the death of his brother, and finding Abigail after she got stuck in a portal. He was tracking down Yokai, or Callaghan, with the help of his friends, in the interest of keeping his city safe. He risked his life in order to protect everyone else. He also found Abigail, Callaghan’s daughter, who was stuck in a portal, and successfully got her out of the portal, which resolved basically all issues between Callaghan and Krei. According to a video clip that Hiro watched in the movie, several years prior to the setting of the movie, Krei built a portal and Abigail tested it, but did not return, causing tension to rise between Callaghan and Krei. He also saved Krei when Callaghan was trying to kill him. However, at some points, Hiro allows his anger to cloud his judgement, such as when he ordered Baymax to kill Callaghan after he found out it was him, and when he left his friends behind on an island out of anger. He is in this way similar to Callaghan, as they had both lost a loved one and seeked to avenge their deaths. However, Hiro learns from his errors and makes a serious effort to right all his wrongs as quickly as possible, which separates him from Callaghan, and classifies him not as a villain, but instead as an anti-hero.