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Hip hop and rap music was created back in the 70s and with that started a major transformation in music it originally started as a DJ and an MC spitting simple bars over disco Beats and Through Time the meaning and the concept behind the music has expanded. Today hip hop music is a global cultural icon however in today’s age there’s less emphasis on the lyrics in the music and there is more focus on the beats and the Eclectic characteristics of the artist that come out with the music. But for someone who is new to hip hop music who may have preconceived ideas about what to expect whether it be misogyny or gangster rap or something that they cannot relate to I would like to offer a solution. Similar to how Comedy Works which allows the listeners to break social barriers through comedy there are certain artists that crossover social barriers through their music Alone. Lupe Fiasco is one artist who manages to make his music touch on a variety of subjects that we face in our society today. An example of this would be the song He Said She Said. This song is about a mother who is speaking to the father of her child and asking him why doesn’t he come around and help take care and raise his son the song is told from the perspective of the mother speaking to the father and then in the second verse the POV is changed from the mother to the son speaking to the father asking him why he doesn’t come around anymore. Another song called conflict diamonds is about raising the awareness 4 the mining of conflict diamonds in Africa while at the same time talking about how he as well as others are guilty of coveting the diamonds whether it be a lifestyle or a luxury and don’t really think about the cruelty that goes into mining these diamonds. in the song b**** bad Lupe Fiasco breaks down the use of the word b**** and how it creates a double standard depending on who use it and how it is used and how it can be seen asAlong with the use of metaphors and storytelling Lupe Fiasco also manages to write music just showcasing lyrical ability whether it be mocking the industry or mocking views that people in society have like as seen as in the song bone remix in which he starts out by talking about how some women tend to be shallow and sell themselves for money and then in the second verse he follows up by critiquing the view of how men view women as just sex objects and Compares them to the Animal Kingdom and in the ending verse he speaks from the point of view of a person who is confused because what he was led to believe about how to approach a woman doesn’t work whether it be fancy cars clothes or jewelry it should just impress a woman and he can have whatever he wants but it doesn’t workLupe Fiasco was only one of many artists however that showcase excessive lyrical ability and talent but due to the current state of the music industry and as hip hop as a whole he is overshadowed bye trendy and in the moment Style music which is brought upon by people being more focused on the beats and sometimes the dances that come with the music that is put in front of us and there is less Focus on the lyrical capabilities of an artist when hip-hop originated it was originally more so about the lyrics because it exemplified one’s ability with words and how well they were able to Captivate the minds of Their audience.