Hiatt change in the organization. How to deal with

Hiatt and Creasey (2003) Explain that for successful implementation of change it is very important for an organization to not just focus on business strategies and new technologies but also focus on the employee. Balance is very important in the implementation process. If organization attention is only technology, not employee than employee might not have enough knowledge to work in a new environment or implement successful change. Nastase et al (2012) also, discuss the importance of employee in an organization. According to them, it is very important to check the readiness of employee while implementing new change.

According to Moran and Brightman (2001) leader play very important role in change management process. The leader provides an environment which helps an employee to experiment and learn new skills, they provide directions for changes. Because of all these reasons, it is very important for leader first understand the change and adopt the change.

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Beer and Nohria (2000) stated that many organization fails in initiatives change because the higher officer wants to adopt new technology without a focus on the culture of an organization, need of technology skills.

Palmer and Dunford (1996) have discussed that it is very important for an organization that they have clear goal that why they want to change in the organization. How to deal with this change. To implement this change what sort of technology, training, knowledge, and skills are required. They also explain that if organization are not clear about their needs and changing that chances of failure much higher than success.

Communication is also very important factor in managing change. Better communication reduces fight in the organization. Reduce fight improve productivity and increase the performance of an employee and led to successful change implementation (Goodman & Dean, 1982; Tannenbaum, 1971; Robertson et al., 1993). Better communication also motivates the employee to perform their duty and understand and support strategies for new change (Barrett, 2002).

Todnem (2005) describe that due to rapid changing of new technology, economy it is very important for an organization to manage and implement change. The company who can adopt and implement change quickly can easily understand the requirements of their customer and become successful than their competitors.

The above discussion shows the importance of adoption of new technology and importance of management. Balance is very important in an organization for example if the organization only focus on technology, not on employee’s skills and knowledge and vice versa than they will not be able to implement successful change in an organization.